It's the time of year. Why not spread some cheer?

YUP! That's right. After gathering some goodies to share for my first every giveaway, here it is. And since it's already the last month of the year, leading to Christmas, New Year's, and my blog anniversary, I decided to do relate my giveaway to all three. Thank you guys for reading my blog and even taking the time to comment. I've met many bloggie friends whom I'm so grateful to have gotten to know throughout this past year and I have even connected with own friends on a whole other level in make-up, skin care, and fashion talks. (You guys know who you are...^^).

On to the goodies;

Lips: Maybelline Baby Lips in "Pink Punch" - See my post here.
The newly sought out for Revlon Lip Butter in "Candy Apple" (I got a few for myself today, stay tuned for a post!)

Cheeks: Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush in "Natural"
Eyes: Wet n Wild 8 pan eyeshadow palette in "I ♥ Matte - See my post here.

Creer Beaute False Eyelashes (Glamorous Volume)
Hello Kitty Bow Pouch for travel.

Aren't the bows adorable? The one thing that I absolutely love about HK is her bow!

Two pens! "It's so fluffy!!!"

And last but not least, your choice of a JewelMint piece! Since JewelMint doesn't ship internationally, I decided to add this as part as my giveaway as it represents the "fashion & style" aspect of my blog. - See my post here.

Now on to the rules:

1. Must be a follower.
2. Must comment below and explain how you would style and wear your first choice piece.
3. Must include two other pieces that you like as well incase your first choice is sold out.
Click for here to sign up and take your style quiz. (Here are some of reference videos from Holly Ann Aeree: September picks, October picks, November picks)

That's it! Simple enough. :] If you have any questions, let me know in the comments as well and I will clarify in a reply to you. Good luck to all! 'Tis the season of giving!


Giveaway will end at 11:59PM PST January 2nd, 2011

(BTW, any one score the NAKED 2 palette this morning on the UD site? Got the email and semi freaked for a good hour or so. lol. I don't need it, just really want it...that is all.)
21 comments on "It's the time of year. Why not spread some cheer?"
  1. Oh! I'm the first one? I love the goodies...the lipbalm is adorable and the jewelmint choice is awesome, I love the collection but it's true, I can't buy them because of the shipping ¬¬!
    My first choice is the Friendship bracelets, I think they're pretty beautyfull and I can wear it everyday because it's pretty informal but cool. I use to wear brown or grey clothes, and those bracelets are perfect for my style. My second choice is the Prairie Rose Necklace, i think it's pretty cool, and I love the colours...and finally my third choice is the Lovers Only necklace because it's so cute and pretty.

    Good luck to everybody, I can't wait!!!

  2. Hello bloggie friend!!! <3

    Wow...O_O Such a big giveaway!!! This is so exciting! Thank you for holding it!

    I have seen Jewelmint around before, the concept is very interesting, although I'd much rather sign up for a box of beauty things! LOL I guess that shows you what I'm interested in more XD

    Apparently my top match is the night owl necklace, but I actually prefer the lovers only necklace! I think it would look really pretty with a simple dress black or white top. To be honest it's quite versatile. It'd probaly go with most things! When I wear jewellery I like to wear something simple outfit!

    So I guess my choices are
    1. Lovers only necklace
    2. Night owl necklace
    3. Friendship bracelet

    P.S. you're not the only one! I completely feel you about the NAKED2 palette. Apparently its not available here til I have a while to mull it over!

  3. ohh what a nice giveaway! ya I signed up for jewelmint a while ago before relizing that it's only US! so in reality i wouldn't mind getting any of the pieces cuz it would be a treat haha! have a great weekend!

  4. I love Hello Kitty stuff!!  They have the cutest products.  Their lip gloss always tastes so good.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Yayy for your blog anniversary, here's to more lovely years to come!
    I'm so glad we get to chat on twitter and on here sweetie <3

     My first pick from Jewelmint would be the tailor made earrings, I love studs and I feel lost without them on XD I would wear these with everything and although I can't wear chunky jewellery to work, these are perfect! :D
    My other choices would be the  Fine Tune Necklace and Bambina Cameo Ring.

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway xxx <3

  6. Happy Bloggiversary (i may have just made that word up coz idk if it's a recognised word in the blogger world) but, YAY ONE YEAR! <3 Wish you many more to come :) Thanks for such a generous giveaway :O 

    Ahh Naked Palette 2 .. another palette to covet XD

    My first choice would be the Ever Frost Ring - I would wear it with a white or pearl coloured dress so that the gold of the ring clashes and gives some colour making the ring an obvious statement piece with my outfit.

    My second & third choices would be the bombshell bracelet and starlet set :)

  7. How pretty. I love Hello Kitty. Thanks for sharing, visit my blog sometimes =)

  8. Happy Blog-versary! If that's even a phrase, haha! And thanks so much for putting together such a lovely giveaway ^~^ I've been looking high and low for a Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush (they don't sell them here in SEA where I live), so I'll be having my fingers crossed!

    I took the quizzy thing for Jewelmint and oddly enough, like Jian, my top match is the Night Owl necklace too! But my ~actual~ first choice would be the Prairie Rose necklace, because of the mint green / pink colour combi. I'd wear it to accessorise a fine-knit sweater and jeans, or use it to pretty up an otherwise sombre work outfit.

    My second and third choices respectively would be the Rose Palace Dome Ring and the Night Owl necklace. ^~^

  9. Yay almost first year! Congrats!!
    Given that jewelmint doesn't ship to Canada, I've never really looked at the website (more reason to hate the fact that it doesn't ship to Canada! lol). So I'm excited to try out their products!

    My recommended top pick was the Bombshell bracelet, HOWEVER I'd definitely choose the starlet set instead as a first choice. I'm not much of a bracelet person, but I've recently gotten back to wearing necklaces! I'd style it as I normally would - regular t-shirt, jeans, and a cardigan. If I was wearing the earrings at the same time, I'd also put my hair into a loose bun or tie it up to show the earrings off. I also love stars, so I'm already in love with that set... *0*
    Second and third choice would be the Supernova earrings or Shanghai Eclipse Pendant.

  10. awwww yayyy you're doing a giveaway too!! :D 
    ehhh i took the quiz & kinda hated everything in my showroom LOL 1st choice would be...the Silver Swan Bracelet! because i typically never think to wear bracelets & this is quite a unique piece but not super formal for me to just wear on any casual day. But I also think it would be appropriate if i were to dress up a bit to go out at night. just hope it fits my freakishly tiny wrists!! 

    my other 2 choices would be the Crystal Cascade Earrings & Madame Mystery Earrings!! 

    thanks again for the giveaway hun!!! xoxo

  11. cutieeee *Q* these giveaway items are awesome!!

    since i am a fan of neclaces my first choice would be the Hayden Necklace ( ♥
    i like the design so much. it would perfectly match with my clothings ~ so i would were my beloved brown shaded items; maybe a cute dress or even a pretty sweater. i guess it's easy to combine :'3
    second choice: Fantasia Necklace
    third choice: Prairie Rose Necklace

    ShuShu ♥

  12. Yay for an awesome giveaway! Happy blogaversary! My first choice would be the Silver swan bracelet-its so pretty yet edgy. It kind of resembles spikes. My second choice would prob be the Blanc bomb ring. 

    I totally agree, my fav part of hello kitty would be her bow. I found ballet flats at Target recently that had hello kitty like black bows on them and immediately snagged them up! 

  13. I'm a follower :) Thank you for having an awesome giveaway!

    My first choice piece- Night Owl Necklace- Honestly I'd probably wear a white tank, my grey sweater and a pair of jeans with it. I think it's stylish enough that I don't need to be wearing anything else!

    My second choice- Lucky Charms Necklace
    My third choice- Lost City Necklace

  14. meeee i am a follower!
    i never tried jewelmint and they dont ship here so i hope i win hahaha

    the quiz gave me some weird i actually dont wear any necklaces XD
    so anyway i chose these

    first choice: Crystal Cascade Earrings
    I would wear them all the time XD i love long dangling earrings and i love how colorful it is
    def have my hair up, smoky eye [since the earrings are colorful enough]. clothin wise..probably black pants, satin blouse. my work gear XD

    2nd and 3rd choice : wonderland earrings, hayworth holiday pin set

    congrats to ur blog anniversary and happy holidays to u!

  15. Thank you for holding such an awesome giveaway Tiffany!

    My first choice would be the Rose Palace Dome Ring - I love cocktail rings and this is a versatile piece because it would add interest to a casual jeans and tee outfit, as well as compliment a dressier outfit for a night out. My other choices would be the Ganesh Earrings or Lost Treasure Bracelet!


    My first choice would be the Rose Palace Dome Ring. When I first saw it I instantly fell in love with it because it suits my personality and because I love the color Pink so much! :) I would wear it pretty much all the time because I know that it will give my outfit an elegant touch..My normal style is jeans/shorts and a girly blouse (with laces or dainty details and mostly in pastel colors) and I wear dresses sometimes so I guess the ring is perfect for a girly girl like me :) 

    My second and third choice would be the Lucky charms necklace and Desert Rose necklace :)

    Hope I win! *fingers crossed :))
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU and God Bless! :))

  17. great stuff :) 
    first choice is the baby lips. heard so much about it and i'm dying to cover my sunburnt lips with it! Cuba has made them so dry! Second & third : eyelashes and hello kitty pouch :)

    YAY! xo

  18. 1st choice must be the World End Earrings because it can go with any outfit! This would look great with a long one piece!

    2nd choice would be Payal Belle Bracelet! 3rd is Lovers Only Necklace!

    GFC: DeyiMizu

    what an awesome giveaway!

  19. My first choice would be Havana nights bangle set . I'd probably wear them with my navy dress with little ladybugs on it and a long bright red cardigan with a thin belt around the waist and my irregular choice bag, tights and bow shoes. Cute and colourful! 

    My second choice would be the Golden goose bracelet. So pretty and edgy :) I'd wear it with a champagne glittery dress! or Night owl necklace :)

    Great prizes! <3 we don't have lip butter here in Ireland yet so I'm dying to get my hands on them.

  20. My first choice would have to be the "Rose Palace Dome"ring -- I just looove gawdy/cocktail rings; helps the outfit stand out :] and it seems like the pricey "NOIR" jewelry to me haha 
    I would certainly wear the palace ring with this cute, baby pink mini mouse crop-top I have, w/ some cute, SUPER light-grey skinny jeans w/ the cute leopard flat I have ^^

    My 2nd would have to be the "Lucky Charms" necklace -- Very pretty and kinda remind me o/ Juicyy Couture? IDK, but it's cute!

    Thank you for this opportunity for someone to win a giveaway and have a Happy New Year ^^

  21. I'm surely your  follower and I'm definitely back in blogging. I missed commenting on your blog! I hope you still remember me though. I hope that my entry wins!

    To describe my fashion style, its simple, comfortable, and girly with an edge which you'll be seeing through my OOTD in my blog. I usually stick to classic pieces,pastels and neutral tones but I also like to add some color to my outfit as long as it does not over power my frame. The reason why I dress this way is because I am petite and I work with what I have. I do appreciate trends but I know not every single trend will work for me.  I also am not afraid to accessorize but of course, the pieces has to represent my style and something that will compliment my features and not to over power it. With that being said, here are my top two picks for jewelries from jewelmint. 

    1. Soleil Bracelet

    2. Smooth Sailing Bracelet

    These two pieces represents my style perfectly, it won't overpower my petite frame, plus it will gowith outfits that I usually like pants, boots, flats, blazers and with the pastel and neutral color palettes of my outfits. Plus, my style and these accessories is an effortless way to dress up from day to night. All there is to change would be the makeup. xoxo,Ms. PLP