Have you jumped on the Jewelmint bandwagon?

Hello! Hope all of you are having a fantastic week. I haven't been very productive BUT have been trying to figure out things in the mean time. "Protect the Boss" have been keeping me busy though. heh heh. Cha Mu Won ♡

Here's a post that I've been meaning to do ever since I received my two pieces. Yup! Jewelmint! I'm sure most of you have heard of this company if you follow beauty/fashion gurus on youtube, but incase you havent, Jewelmint is basically an online jewelry subscription company created by actress Kate Bosworth and celebrity stylist Cher Coulter who have collaborated in designing unique pieces of jewelry for $29.99/piece through the inspiration of current fashion trends or basic inspirations from their daily lives.

To begin, you first take a style quiz that will determine the jewelry pieces that will show up in your "showroom" that "best" fits your personal style. From my experience, if you click "show me more", you are able to browse through the rest of the current available pieces. Yes, the price tag of $29.99 may be a bit steep, but for the quality and the designs of the jewelry, I do feel like it's a fair price for most of the items.

Here's their introduction video to get a better feel for what Jewelmint is all about:

But as for my two Jewelmint purchases, I bought the Groupon (USA residents only: click for referral link if you'd like) which was for $25 for 2 pieces of jewelry. Such a steal right? So with the $25, I picked out these two pieces for $12.50 each! It made me a happy camper. heh heh

First, I'll show you guys the packaging. The shipping for both of these items were very speedy and efficient since they do ship from the LA area so I was able to received them in about 3 days.

Nice, black bubble wrap envelope.

Cute, black satin ribbon bow that has an elastic backing for easy removal. Both jewelry boxes that I received were the mint green ones. All boxes have a convenient magnetic flap for easy opening and closing. I've taken a box on a trip to hold all of my jewelry. Definitely great for travel!

Opening of the box: all pieces have a short description printed on the top lid with another piece of padding that lays on top of the jewelry piece for extra cushioning.

Here are the two pieces I picked out:

Eros Earrings: At first, I though these earrings looked a bit creepy, tbh, because of the detailing that made it look like an owl. (lol) But then after doing some research on the piece, I started to really fall in love with it because of the "boho" feel it gives with that rustic silver look. I missed my first chance of getting this piece, but soon after I got my groupon, it came back in stock and I snagged it right away. The detailing is so pretty and it reminds of the Native Americans of the ol' American west. I love pairing these earrings with my crop jean jacket (which I got from goodwill! More details on upcoming post!)

Setting Sun Necklace: I was also weary, at first, of this piece, but again...after seeing it on other people, I started to really like it! It took me awhile to pick this one as well since I wanted to see the new pieces for August, but none seemed to appeal to be. Setting Sun it was! I love the pastel colors here as well and the mixed metal colors of silver and gold. You can't really tell from the picture, but the chain is wrapped around a light blue rope type material. So unique! This piece too reminds me of the ol' American west. Maybe it's because of my influence of Arizona, where my mom was born. heh heh. I still have yet to find the perfect type of top to wear with this necklace...any suggestions? :]

Overall, I was and still am very happy with my Jewelmint purchases The packing and the quality of the jewelry had me sold. I have heard from my friend Kristine, that their customer service is pretty bad, but besides that, i do feel like it's a fun way to try out new pieces of jewelry that won't tarnish or discolor as easily, and that can be saved and worn as classic pieces to jazz up any outfit throughout the years.

Click here for my referral link if you'd like. For all my International readers, Jewelmint is unfortunately exclusive to US residents only. BOO!

Have you tried Jewelmint? What pieces have you picked out? And for my international readers, would you guys be interested in Jewelmint? Let me know in the comments.
If you have any posts on your Jewelmint purchases, link me! I'd love to read them.


And to end this post, the music video from my all-time favorite trio, JYJ. ♡ I was fortunate (and crazy enough) to see these three live in concert numerous times, and am so proud of where they are and how much they have grown. Enjoy! ♥ (Thumbs up for English subs ^^)
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  1. I like your blog. I´d like you can check out mine  and share some comments.

  2. OMG! I loveeee the necklace and the eros are purrtttyyy!!!! <3

    i missssss you! <3

  3. I love what you have chosen! Especially the necklace, you can totally wear it on all occasions. Even with a plain top :)

    Ahh Protect the Boss, I started to watch because of Jaejoong but the drama is so good! How awesome are all the characters? haha! The Cha cousins <3

    Yay yay yay English subs, makes it so much sadder :( I have this vid on my ipod now to watch all day XD I'm so jealous that you got to see them live, and got to see them perform In Heaven <3

    I'm just going to sit here for the next 6+mins and watch it again! :D


  4. Earrings are not creepy at all, they look awesome!

  5. ohhh those are so pretty!! haha i don't think they're creepy.. i think your picks are super cute!! i'm sad i have to cancel my jewelmint subscription because they don't ship overseas sadly :( :( :(

  6. Great pieces I just got a my first piece last week.
    xo Jenn

  7. i've seen so many bloggers get those earrings, they're so pretty!!! can't wait to see u wear them XD

    yay for kpop videos to end posts!! i'm still watching protect the boss, slowly catching up. so funny!!!! 

  8. Jewelmint is everywhere now. I'm still debating if I just join or not lol. The pieces you got are really pretty and unique.  

    And hey, those are some really cute Asian guys :P

  9. The necklace is so nice and unique! Would love to see you wear the pieces! =)

  10. You had me at jewelry, I do love jewelry and some of the pieces they have are stunning, I love the earrings, so special! You have a lovely blog and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  11. Nice jewelry!

  12. OMG!!! the aerrings are pretty beautiful!! and I love the necklace!!! You will look fantastic with that ^^
    Let us see a pic of you wearing them!! ^^

  13. Those two pieces you received are lovely and I love the earrings most!

  14. Is PtB good?!!! I am looking forward to ogle MY Jaejoong-oppa (wahahaha) but I wanna watch everything at once, so I'm just bidding my time before I pounce~~

    I would love to purchase Jewelmint accessories, but sadly.............. non US resident here *sniff sniff*

  15. I love it!!! Makes me love MY JJ. ;] He's so cute. I squeal at all of his parts. ♡♡

    Gah, I know. Such a shame that they don't ship internationally... =/

  16. Aw, thank you so much!! I like the earrings a lot too. :]

  17. Aw, thank youuu! I'll try to take outfit of the day pics~ old pic that I have wearing them. heh heh

  18. Aw thank you! I love jewelry too! :] Thanks so much for following!!! 

  19. Thank youu! Will try to post pics with them on. :]

  20. I know, right? haha. Give it a try if you want. Use the code MAV5 on your first piece at 50% off!

    LOL. Agreed. :P <3

  21. Hehe. Hoping to post pics w/them on soon! ^^

    You've inspired me to end my posts w/kpop!!! <3 hehe. I'm going to be on Ep 9! I'm trying to catch up...but I don't want to go too fast, as I don't want it to end!! D:

  22. Thank you!! Ooh! I see that you got the "Astoria" necklace! Definitely a great pick. :D

  23. Aw, thank you Lisa! :D

    I KNOW RIGHT. Such a shame they don't ship internationally. =[

  24. Haha thanks! I really love them now. ;]

  25. Thank you, Vicky dear! <3 The thing is....I don't have many plain tops. lol. -sigh-

    HAHA! Same here. JJ <3 But I love all the characters too! I know, the Cha cousins. OTP! :P So cute. I love their boyish relationship. heh heh. Such kids.

    I LOVE THE VIDEO. <3 And I finally get the story. -sigh- More depressing...but I love it even more so. Don't forget...we have to go watch a JYJ con together some day! <3

  26. Hehe, thank you Beastie! <3333  I MISS YOU!!

  27. Aww i have a heard a bit about this brand - nice picks!

    I saw that video from JYJ and I was confused about whether they both had died but the song is nice!