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Hi guys! HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S!! Hope you didn't get pranked~ heh heh. It's my first Friday off of the quarter and I'm loving it~! It really feels like a Saturday but, it's FRIDAY! FRIDAY! (ok, stopping now...^^).. A friend came over this morning and we watched a dvd and then went to eat at a Chinese cafe restaurant. Walnut shrimp and baked fish with rice, which both were soo yummay~ I'm still kinda full. :3

Anyways, I bought these liners two weeks ago @ Rite Aid (previous haul) and never got around to reviewing them 'til now.

Jane "gliding liners" + "one liners"

Price & Packaging: 97 cents (75% off!). For the price, you get quite a long pencil (in comparison to most others) which can last for a very long time. The quality of the "one liner" is a bit cheap since it is a click twist and it reminds me of those click twist crayons back in the And, as I was swatching it, it broke. Boo.


(L-R) - Molten, Blackest Ice, Scuba, Forest, Ice Breaker


Usage: They're not the greatest eyeliners but, for the price...they're definitely not bad. I haven't used them for my main eyeliner since I'm too into the black :3 but they do "glide" on well enough. The staying power of these isn't too long for my oily skin, but that's ok. If I set it with eyeshadow, it works. (I rarely line my bottom waterline though since it usually turns out to be a crazy smudge mess. T_T)

(L-R) - Molten, Blackest Ice, Scuba, Forest, Ice Breaker

You can't really tell from the picture (sorry! Camera isn't the greatest..) but they all have a slight metallic finish, which I kinda like. My favorite out of the bunch is "Molten" since it's such a pretty copper.

I could do without these pencils but, they are of average quality so it's all good. Besides, how often can you find 97 cents eyeliners? ;D

Would I recommend this to a friend?: If you find this for cheap, sure why not! I'm not sure if these are available any more though since it's not being sold at Rite Aid any more.

-------HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!-------

It's my mom's birthday this Sunday so we'll be doing a lot of eating, shopping, and celebrating. Woo!!
(side note: I sent a little "thank you" envelope package to Dinorah last week and it arrived safely. Yay!)
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  1. Heyyy!!! I ate Chinese food today too lol. My bestfriend and I went to Hop Woo at China Town and ate a huge plate of shrimp fried rice, orange chicken and shrimp in lobster sauce. I'm still full.

    Those liners are pretty. I've never tried anything from Jane before.

  2. Yay for a day off! Unfortunately I have class everyday :/
    I have seen these at Rite Aid too, but I know I won't use them much so I will save my dollar!

  3. Thanks for the lovely review dear!

  4. 97cents! Wow. Yeah, I guess althuogh it doesnt last long- its pretty inexpensive!

  5. Those eyeliners look pretty! And so cheap, too! I've really oily eyelids, too, by the way. It's quite annoying cos my eyeliner smudges by the end of the night.
    Oh, happy, happy Birthday to your Mum! Have a great weekend, dearie!

  6. Such a good deal and the colors are actually really bright! Great find!


  7. The shades are so nice!!! :D Happy birthday to your mom:)

    Following you now :D

  8. Hey I love your blog, I just awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award, I'm not sure if youve already been awarded with this award, but I awarded you anyways. Go check it out over on my blog. :)

  9. Reminds me that I need to make a visit to Chinatown soon! BBQ Pork is calling my name mmmm.

    Have you tried to use them all over the eye? Like a cream shadow? They could look good over a primer!

  10. @EveryDay Makeup blog - Haha yay! CHINESE FOOD! :D I don't eat in Chinatown but, all of what you ate sounds so yummy!!

    I haven't tried anything from jane with previous to this buy. I actually haven't heard of this brand either...

  11. @Yami - Aw, hope your classes aren't too bad! I tried to pile my classes on TTh since I commute an hr. from home so I figured I'd save gas. ^^

    @Riya~ - You're welcome! ♥

    @♥PopBlush♥ - Yup~ a good deal. ^^

    @Beauty Addict - Haha, yes! Those 3 C's describe them perfectly. ^^

    @Joey - Thanks Joey!! ♥ - I guess we're in the same oily lids boat. :3 I know, my liner smudges badly sometimes by the end of the day. -sigh- It's ok, we'll smudge together. lol. Thank you!! We'll be celebrating lots tomorrow. :]

    @Christina - Thank you! Yes~ the colors are bright. I was pretty surprised. ^^

    @Aya - Aw, thank you!!

    @frugalspender19 - Aww, thank youuu~

    @25FLONDON - BBQ pork sounds yummy right now. mmm~ ;]
    Ah, that's actually a good idea. Never though of using it like that..will try that!! :D Thank you!

  12. 95 cents?? DAMN! I wish i lived in america man *sobs*

    Xisses, Onyxsta