Feature: Awesome Giveaways

Hello lovelys~! Hope you're enjoying/enjoyed your Saturdays. :] I had a super chill day at work since my "aunt" is on vacation so, the office was super stress free. LOVED IT! Other than that, I've been working on this catering order on Cafe World on Facebook (hey, don't judge me :P).

I don't really post about giveaways, but these two giveaways are by two awesome followers/commenters that I have come across here on blogger. Not only do they have their own great giveaways, their blogs are great too!

Look at how many pretty polishes she's giving away!
And, I think most of these are Australian exclusive. ^^

(Sharon's blog is my favorite nail blog here on blogger even before I started my blog. She's got great HQ shots of her different nail colors/manicures. I literally drool over every polish she puts on...thus leading me to go one the search for those same/similar ones. :P She's so sweet too.)


Not only does she have one main prize, but a 2nd and 3rd place prize as well!
So many goodies~ *o*

(Kenzie's so talented with her Etsy shop and her blog posts. I enjoy reading hers very much. ^^)

I've linked both of their blogs in the title of each giveaway post so, if you don't end up joining the giveaway, do check out their blogs! :]
2 comments on "Feature: Awesome Giveaways"
  1. Awww, thanks for such a sweet post Tiff <33. I'm really touched that you enjoy my blog so much ^^ Good luck with your entries!

  2. Wow thanks tiff! I am so glad you enjoy reading my blog so much, i really love yours as well =) <3