Deck the Hauls: I am a very happy camper. :D

Hi guys! ♥ Hope you all had a great day/are having a great day! My mom let me go out and do my thing with her car after she got back from work (as long as I filled up her gas tank). But...before doing so, my Sephora package came! I was surprised since my Hauteloook and PLNDR UPS deliveries all came at night. But anyways, not complaining..^^

I'll get to my Sephora stuff after I show you guys what I got at Rite Aid! Just a quick fact, CVS has always been my "go-to" drug store since it's down the hill from my house and it's in the same plaza as my bank (CONVENIENCE!). But, after reading the deals on G's ♥ Nouveau Cheap, I had to stop by.

I technically only went for the EcoTools BOGO free brushes...but I walked out with all of this:
jordan cosmestics: 75% off everything!; eyeshadow palettes, & gliding liners
Wet'N'Wild: BOGO 50% off; Mega Last Lip Color
Rimmel: $1 coupon; Lasting Finish PRO nail polish
EcoTools: BOGO Free; Bamboo Powder Brush & 5 piece bamboo brush set

jordan cosmetics:
(sunset and earth tones = $1.37; greens and violets = $1.24)
My mom's birthday's coming up ♥ so I've been trying to think of stuff to get her. She's always asking me for eyeshadows if ever she sees me with new ones so, I figured these are perfect! I also ordered some stuff from He Qi Crystal Designs and HOPEFULLY everything will come by this week/next week.

'Gliding Liner' eye pencils: (Only 97 cents!)
L-R: Ice Breaker, Molten, Forest, Blackest Ice, and Scuba

'One Liners' eye liner: Coffeeline (This was 97 cents too!)

Wet 'n Wild:
BOGO 50% off - reg. $2.99
Mega Last Lip Colors! I actually saw these on one of my mutual follower's blog ♥ (Everyday Makeup) and I loved her review so when I looked at the WnW section, I had to get me some! All of the lighter pink colors were wiped out, so I settled for 904B Rose Bud and 912C In the Flesh. So excited to try these out! I'll post swatches next time. :]

Ok, so I wasn't planning on getting any polishes but, I saw the $1 off coupon on the display and saw the little crown design on top...aigoo...I caved and picked one for myself.
350 - Violet Metal

See, isn't the crown cute??

(set = $9.99, getting the reg. $7.99 powder brush free)
YES, the brushes that made me drive over to Rite Aid in the first place. I couldn't find the section at first (hence why I picked up so many other random but when I did, there was only one 5 piece set left! That made my day. :D There were around 3-4 of the regular sized bamboo brushes, so I took one as my "free" brush. Everything else was wiped out. D:

I'm actually most excited about these brushes. I've read reviews on them and when this deal for BOGO free came out for this week, I had to jump at the offer. They're soo soft and cute. Can't wait to use them. :]

And onto my Sephora haul!:
My freebies: D&G fragrance sample "rose the one", Sephora's instant moisturizer, Phyto Paris Anti-Aging hair mask, and Too Faced "Primed and Poreless" Bronze Tint SPF 20
Urban Decay: Naked palette (!!) ♥♥
Smith's: Rosebud Salve

The Too Faced bronzer was a special freebie for Beauty Insiders on Sephora so, I figured I'd try it out since it hasn't been released in its full size yet. Excited for this. :]

My lips are super dry and chapped and I've read good reviews on the rosebud salve ($6) soo, I got this too (and since I needed $50 for free shipping..^^)

NAKED PALETTE! Super super psyched to start using this! I first saw it on Jen's "from head to toe" youtube channel and fell in love with it instantly. I then added my name to the emailing list on both UD and Sephora AND I even went to my local Sephora and left my name and phone number. Yes, I was a bit manic and impulsive...hehe. But yay! I finally have mine.

Such pretty neutrals! I think I'm good with the eye shadows for a very very VERY long time. :D

And last but not least, my FOTD. Since I only went to run errands...not really a FULL FOTD...but yeah. ^^ I'm really liking the WnW palette I got from Dinorah ♥. :D It suites my perfect everyday make-up. :D
And yes, I have a pimple. Ew. T_T

PHEW, that was long. Congrats if you got through reading all of that. heh heh.
Have you guys tried any of these products? How are you liking/not liking them?
I'd love to know. ♥
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  1. AHHHHH you got some AMAZING DEALS, I don't think my drugstore EVER have anything under $1. :(!!! (Darn it CANADA. or maybe I'm not looking hard enough.) && the rosebud salve, doesn't carry in Sephora's in Canada. YAY, for hauls though!!! sorry for the rant.
    Cheers Deb.

  2. Awww...Thanks for the shoutout! You're so awesome!

    Oh man, you got the Naked Palette. I hate you haha...I'm sure you can do endless makeup looks with it. Ugh..I think I want one too lol.

    I also, can't wait to see swatches of the wet n wild lip colors that you got. I did't see those shades last time I went to my drugstore.

  3. Nice FOTD sweetie xo
    OMG, I want the NAKED palette!! So jealous! hehe


  4. I'm sooo jealous of your haul! What lovely things you got :) NAKED palette! They don't sell it over here where I live, so I don't think I would ever get my hands on one hahaha very lucky!

    And yes I love SHINee a bit too obsessed I think... hahahaha who's your favourite?

    And yay! I can finally comment on your posts, before I couldn't because the security code got cut off and I couldn't type anything in :(

  5. Great haul!
    I have the same Rimmel polish. I like the color and love the way the bottle looks.
    Ah the Naked palette. I have been wanting that.

  6. Gosh, its really a big and nice haul =D!
    the naked palette n rimmel nail polish really caught my eye ♥

  7. omg nice haul
    i sooo want to the nakes palettE!!
    haha u look realy cute too lol i do tht face too haha

  8. I really want to try Ecotools, I hear they are really good =]

  9. hi Tiffyama!!! I just wanted to stop by & say thank you for always leaving me lovely comments on my blog... you're such a sweetheart!!! thank you sooo much & I hope you don't get tired of reading my blog... =)

    u got a nice blog goin here yourself... & OMG! look at that haul!!! u got all kinds of great stuff! u even got the infamous Naked palette!! so lucky!!! I see that u got the Rosebud Salve, ooh I love that stuff!! I use it all the time.. u won't get disappointed... how are those 97c liners?? I wish u can do a review on them... =) oh & a swatch of that pretty Rimmel polish too... thanks!

  10. Hi there! Sorry I hid my link in the words "check it out" on my blog haha. I will need to change that!

    Here is the link for you though

  11. wow aesome haul yo ugot everything for a good price! ive never heard of jordan cosmetics but it reminds me of wet and wild. and omg i want the naked palette :(

  12. Awesome haul. I didn't know Eco Tools is having a BOGO sale. I love their brushes, so soft. As for Smith's Rosebud Salve, I also love that as well.

  13. @Deborah - Yes! Yes! Very good deals!! I couldn't believe it either when these jane items came out to only be around a $1 (or 97 cents!). Aw, really? That's weird. Hm, probably Sephora Canada carries stuff that Sephora USA doesn't? heh.

    @EveryDay Makeup blog - Hehe. You're welcome! I love reading your blog. Your EOTD's are super awesome. :D

    I think you should get a palette too. ;] It's a permanent item for Urban Decay, so you still have time to get it!!

    I'll be posting a review on these WnW lip colors in a little bit! Swatching didn't work out for me..but hopefully you can still see the colors in the pictures.

    @♥PopBlush♥ - Thank you, dear! <3 hehe, yes NAKED!!!

    @TaTa - Thank youu! Ah, NAKED seems to be kind of exclusive then.

    Ah SHINEe~ XD if I had to be pick, it'd be with Jonghyun or Onew. (I like Minho too though...kkk). How about you? They're actually quite young for me, but I guess that's ok. Noona status. :P

    OH YEAH! Sorry about that. =[ I had no idea until a few days ago, but this layout seems to work fine with the commenting. Thank you! <3

    @Yami - Thanks!! Ah, you do? Did you ever swatch it? I'll go check out your blog soon after this, It is cute!! Ah and yes, the NAKED palette. I haven't touched it looks soo pretty though. hehe.

    @♥ Pixie D ♥ - Yes! SUPER BIG! I need to contain myself more. lol. NAKED palette <3 and yes, the Rimmel polish. I'm very excited to use it. :]

    @for the love of beauty by lara - Thank you dear!! Yes, NAKED palette! Get one if you can. It'll always be around. :]

    Haha, that face. :3 I bet you pull it off better than I do. lol.

    @Kayvona B - Yes! I'm excited to try them (once I wash them). I have heard a lot of good things about them, and for the price...definitely can't beat that!

    @AnNeTtEe - HIIII! I love your blog and commenting. I don't think I'll ever get tired of reading. <3 (And I like your music playlist too. ^^)

    Will definitely post a review on the 97 cent liners + the Rimmel Polish!

    Ooh and yes, the rose salve is great so far. I'm glad I got it. :D

    @Kenzie - Oops, I totally missed that. haha. SUCH CUTE THINGS! *o*

    @Donna ♥ Baby - Yes! I scored some awesome deals. :D I've never heard of jane cosmetics (oops I put jordan in my either, but I figured I'd give them a try since they were so cheap. :] Hehe, naked palette~! <3

    @ Kristie - Thank you! Yeah! They are~ pretty awesome sale. :] The rosebud salve is working great~ I'm so glad I got it. :]

    Thank you guys for all the comments!! ♥♥♥

  14. Girl you always be SHOPPIN~ STOP IT YOU BUYING TOO MUCH hahhaha

  15. you are soooo cute! i love haul posts! make me all warm annd fuzzy inside hahaha! :3 love your purchases! <3 will be looking forward to your reviews.

  16. UD NAKED PALETTE! *ENVY* it's still out of stock in many places here :(
    lovely haul =] x

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  18. I'm sooo jealous of your haul! What lovely things you got :) NAKED palette! They don't sell it over here where I live, so I don't think I would ever get my hands on one hahaha very lucky!

    And yes I love SHINee a bit too obsessed I think... hahahaha who's your favourite?

    And yay! I can finally comment on your posts, before I couldn't because the security code got cut off and I couldn't type anything in :(