Everything 'Infallible' About it - L'Oreal Paris (US)

Ever wondered about a drug store eye shadow that would last all day? Look no further as L'Oreal Paris has released a 12 color line of "24Hr Infallible" eye shadows. 

These were first introduced in the UK back in the summer of 2011 (I think?). My dear blogger friend, Vicky, first posted about these and sent me "Eternal Black". At that time, I didn't think these would make it to our side of the globe, but lo' and behold, these babies appeared at the beginning of the new year in all of my local drug stores. 

My temporary storage. 

Aren't they beautiful? I don't have all 12 shades available here in the US, but I figured since these are permanent, I can always pick them up later. I'm missing "Endless Pearl" and "Sultry Smoke" (heh heh, Nunu...)

Packaging comparison between the US and UK versions.

They're basically the same though! The little differences do make it fun to own such an international versions. 

These pressed pigments are encased within a small, screw top container with a little stopper to help contain the shadow safely, keeping application and clean up easy and clean.

On to the swatches!: All of these were swatched without a primer. Look how vibrant they are!

L-R: Perpetual Purple, Golden Sage, Iced Latte

L-R: Amber Rush, Infinite Sky, Midnight Blue
(Check out my last post using Iced Latte, Amber Rush, and Midnight Blue)

L-R: Continuous Cocoa, Eternal Sunshine, Bronzed Taupe, Eternal Black

Continuous Cocoa was the only shade that wasn't as buttery smooth to swatch, but it's still a beautiful color for neutral loves to have. I do believe that these apply best by using a clean finger in order to get the full vibrant effect on the lids. I've tried applying with brushes, but the color payoff just isn't there. So, if you're one not into getting your fingers dirty, these may not be for you.

I picked these up at my local CVS and Rite Aid during those weekly drugstore sales (BOGO 1/2 or those promos with the extra coupon cash backs) so they're now widely available in the US. They retail for around $7-$8. Definitely not a bad price for the quality of these drugstore gems. And I find it kind of fun using my fingers! It brings me back to my childhood days when "finger painting" was one of the best pastimes ever.

I've jumped on the Infallible train right along with the rest of these Infallible bloggers:
and Vanity Fashionista (check out her list of all the infallbiles and which are exclusive to which country).

Have you tried any of these shades out yet? Which are you lemming for?

Woo. First post of February. This past week has been rough due to that lovely time of the month, so I've been in pain here and there. Y'know...the usual. -sigh-. But hoping to post more frequently during this upcoming week. Hope you all are doing fantastic and having a great weekend. ♡

For all my US buds, tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday! Bring out the chips, salsa, and guac! 
24 comments on "Everything 'Infallible' About it - L'Oreal Paris (US)"
  1. Nice swatches, all of them look beautifully pigmented. I like the neutral colours especially.

  2. Thank you for the swatches! Infinite Sky looks really pretty! I skipped it because I thought it was "meh" but now I'm trying to decide if I really want it and will use it. Vicky's the sweetest! I'm fortunate, like you, to have been able to receive an non US infallible of Time Resist White.

  3. midnight blue looks gorgeous! I hope we have that one in the uk :D 
    great post sweets!

  4. Ooooo!!!!!!! Pretty pretty pretty pretty!!! :D Shame they miss out colours in some countries so we're all missing a few! T.T I don't quite understand their logic behind that.

    Hahahah trust you to make a positive out of a negative. I quite like finger painting to since it's easy to clean fingers - I just give them a swipe with a make-up remover wipe in between applying different colours whereas a brush is a bit more annoying xD

    Hope your pain has eased off now! 

  5. Aww hate that time of the month!

  6. Wow! Iced Latte, Midnight Blue, and Bronzed Taupe..I'm drooling over them now...

  7. Pretty pretty swatches! I love these Infallibles!! 

    Eeek I thought I didn't need Eternal Black but maybe I do.... you soon have more to add to your collection ;D <3

    Have a lovely Sunday watching the game!! :)

  8. Wow you've got so many of them! I was waiting so long for these to come to the US too. I only picked up 2 though because they weren't BOGO at the time. Next time they're on sale I'm gonna grab the rest lol

    Great swatch pictures btw!

  9. Ohh these look nice. Definitely want to try it now! Thanks for sharing.

  10. my favorite is iced latte, but i didn't pick up as many as you did :) bronzed taupe may be my next shade to try. 

  11. soooo pretty!! at least u hv temporary storage for yours. mine are just all lying on my vanity table. a mess! hahaha i hv been using these everyday. so easy. 

  12. I've saw quite a few bloggers raving about this too...and indeed they are gorgeous!! my favorite so far is the Bronzed Taupe...the color is just to die fooorrr...lolz..=)

  13. Thanks! They are super pigmented and very easy to use!

  14. You're welcome! Did you end up getting sky? It's a nice frosty color that isn't too crazy for everyday wear at all. Yay for international Infallibles!! ;D

  15. I think they do! :] Thanks dear! Hope you've been well.

  16. I KNOW! Oh well~ it has brought us closer together in our collection of infallibiles. ;]

    Haha. Indeed! Fingers tend to me much more efficient sometimes!

  17. Heh. Hope you picked some of those up!! ^^

  18. Thank you! ^^
    Hehe. Our infallible addiction was much fun. ;D

  19. Hehe. They're nice. Hope you were able to collect some of the other shades!!

  20. You should!! :] You're welcome.

  21. Hope you were able to pick up bronzed taupe!! :]

  22. ahaha. But since I put them in a little bag, I tend to forget they're an option to use for my daily MU. :3

  23. Hope you were able to pick some of these up!! ^^