Getting schmancified at dineLA "Fogo de Chao"

DineLA is a yearly event in Los Angeles where a bunch of restaurants join in offering lunch/dinner meals for a discounted price. The meal usually consists of three courses, but it really depends on what restaurant one decides to go to. Prices differ as well: lunches are $16, $22, $28 and dinners are $26, $34, $44. I've been once before and I enjoyed the whole experience a lot!

This year, I went with a friend (and now some new friends) to an all-you-can-eat Brazilian Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. To be honest, I'm not really a meat person, but I figured it'd be a good experience and for $44! My friend had talked about Brazilian places like these where they come around with skewers and ask if you want a cut of that specific meat, and with a discount (this place usually costs $60/person), I was excited.

Fogo de Chao:
133 N La Cienega Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(Valet parking only.)

Green for "Bring on the meat!". On the other side is red. Red for "I've had enough...I think."
The waiters kept coming to only me, only to have me towards the end of our meal. Then I realized that mine was on green still. Fail.

Dark and "sulty". haha...jk. But the ambiance was nice. It's a bit loud in there though.

All you can eat salad bar. I enjoyed the smoked salmon very much! I tried not to stuff myself so much before what was expected to come...

Nice, classy dinner setting.

I think this is the filet mignon. I swear I had 10lbs of meat that night: lamb, black pepper steak, sausage, lots of filet good!)

Two of the side dishes: seasoned mashed potatoes and caramelized bananas.

They cut out the dinner during this year's dineLA. DARN. For $45+, we could have had at least a little dessert! Oh well. Definitely a once in a year at most kind of dinner! 

Pineapple Dole Whip (similar to the one sold at Disneyland). YUM!

My schmancified pictures. I felt so rushed before actually heading out to dinner. I never really do anything special to my when I tried to something "different", it didn't turn out very special at all. Oh well. I still was able to make it work.

Added some BLUE. Amazing, right? Lip butter is in "Berry Smoothie".

Used my L'Oreal Infallibles: Iced Latte, Amber Rush, and Midnight Blue! 

OOTD: Black bow dress: H&M, Diamond Cross Tights: Urban Outfitters (similar, similar), Heeled booties: Nordstrom Rack (similar)

Such a classy post. Heh heh. I love trying out new food, and this one was definitely a keeper (though I think I'm done with MEAT for a while...). 

Hope you all are doing well! Weekends tend to be the busiest times for me, so hoping to catch up on blogs soon! ♡ Hope you're having a great week and enjoying the last day of January 2012!

43 comments on "Getting schmancified at dineLA "Fogo de Chao""
  1. Cute outfit! :)  Where's all your jewelry from?  I really like your earrings!

    I haven't tried Brazilian BBQ before, but I definitely want to.  And Dole Whip!  I want soooome! hehe

  2. OMG! That was some skewer of meat! Everything looked so delicious though and it's great that you are able to do this and experience restaurants that you wouldn't normally think about going to. Thank you for sharing!

  3. omggg the filet looks so good!! i actually really like meat lol esp steak *drools* i reallyyyy wanna try out brazillian bbq soon. i always hear abt it XD your makeup is so pretty!! i always somehow end up rushing too. like i won't have anything to do till the evening so i take my time, then end up almost late hahahaha idk how the hell it happens!

  4. I LOVE LOVE Fogo De Chao!!! did you try the sauteed bananas w/ the cinnonmen and sugar!! i could eat an entire plate of those myself.. and the tapioca cheese balls I LOVE THOSE!

    your outfit is TO DIE FOR ADORABLE! you look so pretty babe!

  5. I looooove the makeup you did for the schmancy dinner! :D And your accessories and your dress! I need to go and have a look in H&M I think. Need..pretty...dresses! :D

    The only reason I don't wear dresses to work is because I get stuck in them when it's time to go to bed. Just me?? I flail about as a huge kind of stuck tube of dress and wail until someone comes and pulls it off the top of my head. Unless it's a zip up, up the back, in which case I flail in the morning until someone zips me up. I swear dresses weren't designed to be put on or taken off by yourself. =_= It puts me off trying them too because I get stuck in the changing room - embarrassing!!! LOL

    There is something en route to you now that might help you style your hair even more nicely.........heehee!

    Love the polish! Which one is it?

    The food looks oh-so-good! I have only been once, in Shanghai. Brazilian BBQ is not big over here. I'd never even heard of it before I went to SH xD

  6. i love your little black dress! its super cute!
    love your blog!follow me too? xx

  7. *drools* i LOVE that place...went for my birthday a couple times

  8. Schmancified!! Your outfit is so cute!
    There's a similar Brazilian restaurant here in Vancouver, I've been to it once and man I think I ate enough meat for a small nation.
    You said "sultry" just to annoy me right?xD
    DOLE WHIP!!!!

  9. Love your outfit and makeup!  So pretty!  *^_^*  Omg I never get my money's worth at these all you can eat Brazilian meat places.  You did really well!  DineLA is so awesome.  :D

  10. Aww cute outfit!! You eye look is prettyyy :)
    And the dinner sounds yummy!! I love meat, mmhh steakkkk XD
    Drooling over your pics <3

  11. cute dress!! OHhh I first tried Brazilian barbeque a few years back in Tokyo, wouldn't having some again :P

  12. I've never tried Brazilian food before, tbh. Although the food in the pics look yummy! Not too heavy, too.
    You look very pretty, Tiff! Love your lip colour espesh, but your FOTD is really pretty :D

  13. My gosh! All you can eat? This really reminds me of a scene from the movie Bridesmaids. hahaha Looks Delicious! Got me drooling. At first i was like what is that long thing....and it ended up being a bananna. :)

  14. ahh.....similar to restaurant week. mr. adventure would be happy with all that meat.

  15. Thanks! I got the bracelet from a random Asian clothing store and the earrings my mom's which she got from an Asian place too. haha.

    Hehe. Brazilian BBQ is def. an experience! Dole Whip was yummy. :] If only we could eat it where it originated from...

  16. I know, right??? Yeah. DineLA is a nice foodie experience. I typically don't go out to these types of restaurants often so it's a good excuse to try new ones out! Glad you enjoyed it. :D

  17. I think I had two big ol' pieces of that filet mignon. lol. You must try it out! You'd totally be in meat heaven! Aw, thank you D! EXACTLY HOW I WAS. lol. 

    Din Tai Fung is quite pricey too! =/

  18. Oooh! You've been? Yes I did! They were yummy. :D 

    Aw. Thanks dear!!

  19. Thank you, Jian!! XD I actually got this dress for $24.99. Such a good price! I'm due for a trip there too...wardrobe is so sad at the moment. :3

    LOL. Oh Jian. I only have trouble with the dresses that have a zipper in the back. But looser/stretchy-er ones are ok! But I have tried those tighter ones that makes it feel like you're stuck with both arms way up high. ahahaha. 

    Wah. You sneaky one. I can't wait to receive it! Hopefully tomorrow!

    It's the red one I tweeted to you before~ "All Fired Up" by Revlon. :]

    Hehe. Another place to add to your "things to do in LA"!

  20. Soo good, right? :D Aw, I bet you had lovely celebrations there!

  21. Thank you, Nunu!
    LOL. I think I did too....
    Ahaha~ "sultry" indeed.
    Dole Whip yes! Like the one at Disneyland!

  22. Thank you dear!! :D 
    Aww. I actually kinda felt that way too since I didn't want to over eat. lol. But I ate a lot of lamb and filet mignon so hopefully that covered my tab. hah. It is! I look forward to it every year.

  23. Thank you Vicky!! :D
    Hehe. MEAT! ;] <3

  24. Thank you!!! Ooh, they have it in Tokyo? Awesome!!

  25. You should try it someday. It's a fun dining experience! haha.
    Aw, thank you Joey!! Despite all the rushing, I guess I looked ok after all. lol.

  26. YES. hahahha...I remember that scene too. LOL. Yes. Caramelized banaa. :]

  27. Yes. :D Aw~ you should try a Brazilian BBQ place one day!

  28. i call it meat disney :D it's epic for a carnivore like me

  29. Love the outfit you look so elegant! and whyyyyyyyyyyy did i have to read this before dinner. super hungry now LOL
    especially that ice cream...

  30. Perfect makeup and I really like the look of the dole whip! You are so utterly adorable Tiffy. There is a certain authentic charm about you and it really comes out in your blog x

  31. Loving your eye makeup!
    I haven't actually tried a Brazilian grill, it just seems to be SOO much meat!

  32. Gorgeous pics! You look so pretty in them, and the food look so yummy. I've tried a Brazilian grill once and it was really fun.

  33. Thank you so much for your lovely comment <3
    This place is so fancy! You look so gorgeous :D
    Love the makeup and the dress~

  34. Aww, thank you dear! Ahaha. I always do that too when I'm catching up on blogs. XD The pineapple whip was pretty good~ it's known to only be found in Disneyland, but I guess not any more!

  35. Aww. Thank you my dear Yasumi. That really means a lot coming from you. :] x

  36. Thank you!! :D
    Hahaha! It is! Definitely not for the faint of heart....

  37. Aww~ thank you Penelope!! It was really yummy. :] I be you had a feast with all the meats being offered! 

  38. <3 :]
    It was quite fancy. Thank you dear!