Busy body.

Hello, lovely readers. Hope all is well. Life has been picking up for me lately and I've been enjoying every minute. Here's my week in photos~ haven't done one of these in a while, but I wanted to share. :]

Rabbit and snake sausage from Wurstk├╝che. I'm definitely not one to eat such "exotic" type meals, but the friend had recommended it and I figured since it was in a sausage, it wouldn't be too bad. The taste was pretty juicy and good. Can't say I'll go back and order that again though. (SAVE THE BUNNIES!)

Crampy days. Had my sister make me some hot water and honey thanks to Dr. Jian's rec. :]

My nails from last week. The green and turquoise flecks were so pretty.

Troublemaker 1 and Troublemaker 2. 

I liked the new Kate Spade eyeglass cases. Pink and orange!

Beam Beam! His cartoon-y eyes always get me. lol.

Trying out the new "odango" hair. Instant volume. I love it. Thank you, Jian!

"Welcome back" cupcakes! hehe. Had the raspberry chocolate chip one this time. 

Gifts from my shinyuu ♡ (which are still in the bag pictured. ;X Will "play" soon!)

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY: Our own version of Diddy Riese cookie ice cream sandwiches. Nom nom.

Homemade fried chicken and guacamole. 

I definitely had a good week. The "Superbowl" football game is a fun time where I get to spend hours infront of the tv with my mom while laughing at commercials, yelling for our favorite team to score the next touchdown, and seeing what the next half-time show performer's got! A very enjoyable "American" experience which I look forward to every single year. Can't get more American that some good ol' American football! :] 

Here's to another great week! 

Loving this cover a lot. Lydia Paek was one of the artists my non-profit has worked with before, and it's great to see her doing her thang in Korea....with YG. Big stuff, yo.

[[And on to the kpop side of life, FT Island x CN Blue are coming to the LA! So going~ but...I'm currently recovering from my Jason Wu x Target purchase! (My items have shipped and will be arriving some time this week. Quit excited!!). Next concerts to look forward to: BEAST and Big Bang!!! Ah. Looks like I'll be going back to my fangirl roots for 2012. Last year was all about JYJ...maybe they'll come back again? hehehe... :3]]

Just a quick post until my next time...
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  1. sooo many wonderful things all in one post! i can def. see that you have been busy! super love your nails and the odango hair bun! so cute! 

  2. More yummy food!! Aww Superbowl sounds so fun! 
    Your odango bun is adorable <3

  3. The chicken looks yummy .. but bunny sausages??  Poor bunnies~

  4. So  much GOOD FOOOOOOOOD...!!!!

    Superbowl sounds like my kind of thing. Sit there, eat yummmmo food that mum keeps cooking? Or in D's case, wander off and get fed yummy things during teh ad breaks? Either way, sounds like my cup of tea!!

    Hope you try the odango bun again and dress it up with some pretty/cute clips? A lovely blogger friend of mine sent me some hair accessories she found in H&M to dress mine up! I will definitely be looking in there the next time I'm in town to pick some up :D

    Ahhh it sucks that I don't live near you. I would love to come to the concerts with you!!! BIG BANG!!!! <3

    Although at the moment I am very much cooing over Se7en. I love him.......aww *sigh*

    What was I talking about? Oh yeah. cannot wait to see your Jason Wu x Target acquisitions! Modelled please! (Request!) :D

    Hope you're having a great week! Can't wait to hear about your $$$ making opportunity today! :

  5. yummmmmy ice cream sandwich!! have u ever been to 
    Diddy Riese? hv always wanted to go & see what the fuss is all abt XD and yayyyy your odango looks pretty!! i see Jian sent u a roly poly too hehehe i hate saying it tho bc i always end up getting the T-ara song stuck in my head OTL

  6. Great pictures!! You're so lucky CN blue are going to LA, they came to Japan but the tickets go so quick ahaha

  7. Ugggh... hungry now XD damn those food photos! ><
    Ahhhh, your kittens are so cute! i miss when my cats were so tiny and playful.. now they just bite T^T

  8. yum! love diddy riese! i havent had it in a long time. xx

  9. Omg I could totally eat that food right now!  XD  Love your week recap!

  10. Thank you dear! Hope you have been well!

  11. lol. RABBIT, not...B....Y. ><

  12. Hahaha. I think you'd enjoy this little American tradition too!! A good excuse to eat yummy food while sitting at the TV watching American football~ XD

    I did! Vicky gave me these cute nautical print bow clips. ;D I haven't worn the odango in a while though...I should give it another go!


    Oh yeah! I never wrote about my Jason Wu stuff.....ok. Noted. lol. 

  13. I have! It's pretty good. There's ALWAYS a big line though...but the the line goes by pretty fast. If I'm in the area, I'd stop by...but I wouldn't crave so much to drive all the way down there for cookies and ice cream. :3


  14. Aww. Are you a CN Blue fan? ^^

  15. Hehe. Gomen~ I tend to look at food pics at night too. 
    Awwww~ hopefully they bite playfully. ><

  16. Haha. It's my homemade version. I haven't had actual Diddy Riese in a while too~

  17. Hehe. Thank you! Hope you have been well!

  18. Haha. Only cute...sometimes. ;]