Living young, wild, and free.

Remember me? Ah, it's been so long since I've posted and I want to apologize for the gap and lack. Life has been pretty crazy for me since my last post, but I think I'm adjusting to all of the changes coming my way. I'll explain a bit further into the post. ^^

I joined my mom's walking group two weekends ago for the 34th annual Firecracker Walk in Chinatown Los Angeles. And being that 2012 is the "year of the dragon", the more incentive for me to join in. The LA Metro was one of its hosts, encouraging all to take the Metro. After living my entire life in Los Angeles, not once had I ever taken any type of public transportation (minus a couple adventurous attempts at the bus), so I was super excited! And for $1.50 each way or a $5 all day pass, it definitely beats traffic + the hassle and cost of LA parking.

Gaining a fresh, new perspective of the city I call "home."

Lot's a people getting ready to run/walk their way up to Dodger Stadium and back. Starting everyone off with the lighting of 1,000 firecrackers. It was quite a sound! 

The view at the top at Dodger's stadium was awesome. I love picturesque views, so of course I had to take a quicker breather to snap a pic. And this one wasn't short of amazing. And the finish line! We were all awarded medals for completion. *pats self on back*

BIG, FLUFFY DOGGY! He even got a medal too. So cute! Had some good dim sum afterwards before heading back on the Metro. Yum~

Taking the Metro that time definitely helped me open my eyes to a new type of "traveling" outlet that's so easy to use. I would have never thought I'd be taking such transportation. Gotta love those new experiences found right outfit your front door, right?


Dinner at Cafe Santorini with the girls. For the price, the food was just "ok". But, it was nice to see all my college buddies together again. It's always nice to catch up. My, how we've all grown. 

I had a "day off" (maybe you guys can guess what I've been up to now...?), so I decided to take a mini adventure to meet my shinyuu in Downtown LA!
Yup. Back on the Metro to Little Tokyo and Koreatown. Fun times. :D First time being at Union Station too! Didn't get to take pictures since I was too amazed at where I was and what it looked like. Next time I'll be sure to take pics to show you guys.

Looks like I'm nearing the end of my post. If you guessed that I got a job, ding! ding! ding! I'm hoping for more steady hours this week, but for last week and the week before, I have been working. It feels great to be back into the full work force. I was a bit overwhelmed at the beginning while trying to get my bearings straight with my new "lifestyle" as a working warrior, but I think I'm better now. The location is great and I really enjoy the people I work with (minus one...but I'll spare you guys from my little rants.)

Experimenting with work clothes. Yay for layering! I'm due for some shopping though.

I'm trying to get back into the blogger mode. I always find myself having a tough time adjusting to new changes well, but after a little time, I try my best to balance the old with the new. I'm hoping to take advantage of all the "time off" I have to blogging, so hopefully there won't be such big gaps any more. But, thank you always for sticking by my little blog! All the comments and the love, I appreciate it a lot. Also, hoping to get back on track with my blog reading as well!

I shall be leaving you then, with BEAMER. Next time I'll try to get more pictures of Snowball. But seriously, Beam Beam is too amusing not to capture on film.

Bye bye for now! Have a fantastic week. 

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  1. so happy for you :) make that money so we can go to paris! <3 aja aja! i'm always here to listen if you want to rant!

  2. your public trans looks way less ghetto than ours hahahaha glad u got to explore on your days off!! omg your cat has the funniest expressions. so derpy LOL gl on the job!!! you will get the hang of it soon =]

  3. I like posts like these because it shows what life is like for someone across the globe. You make me want to visit America! x

  4. i love your outfit dear. :) 
    hmmm, food. :3 haha~! food pictures always make me hungry.

  5. Ahhh Tiffy how I have missed youuuuu!!! I am glad to see you have posted cos it means (to me) that you are on top of things! XD Hope you get your schedule sorted too!

    I love these snaps! And good on you for joining the walking group and getting on the metro!! I am the failest person at taking buses because I dont know where I'm going and don't know where to get off. T.T I can get two buses in my entire city. Apart from that I have no idea what Im doing. LOL

    No set of photos is complete with obligatory photos of yummy food.

    And beamer is sooo cute! Try to get more pics of snowball tooo!

    Have a great week!

    P.S. Great outfit :)

  6. I wish there's a metro in my city. The only public transportation I have in my city is car and public bus. I have a car but it cost me $60 to fill up the tank every 2 weeks >.< 
    And congrats on getting the job!

  7. The metro is fabulous!!  I use to take it everyday to and from work and totally fell in love with it!  Although it may cost a bit more to take, and it is about the same time as driving, the mental anguish that you save is priceless!!

    Congrats on the job!!

  8. I've honestly never seen a train like that! But then again, I've never really been on the US mainland D:

  9. Congrats on your new job!  You look so chic at work  :D  My friend also participated in the Firecracker race.  I want to try it maybe next year but I'm only good at walking.  Wonder if that's  XP

  10. Yay for the new job, hun! Congratz! I'm glad to hear you enjoy it and you're settling in quite well...minus that one person. There's always that one oddball.
    Good on you for joining that walking club. Keep it up!
    Beamer is watching cartoons! Hehehe

  11. Congrats on the new job Tiffany! I'm glad to hear you like what you're doing and all your coworkers too, except for that one person :)

    Great pictures btw - I've always loved taking the metro. Too bad I don't need to commute to my current job.

  12. That dog is sooo cute! His eyes are beautiful~
    Glad you are liking your job!
    I definitely have missed your posts, but of course a job has to come first.  :D

    Ah the metro is scary. I have only been on the one in San Francisco. I don't live there, which is why it was even scarier. But I came out in one piece xD

  13. Exploring the LA has been quite fun! But I liked the Bart in the was kinda fun. XD But yeah...I guess LA's is a bit cleaner?

    Ahaha. Derpy indeed! They cray!

    Meh. Back to the drawing board...kinda. I think I have some new stuff in store for me soon though. :]

  14. Aw. I'm glad you enjoy these types of posts! Come visit! :]

  15. Thank you dear!!
    Hehe. I know....gomen. I'm getting hungry looking at these pics again too. 

  16. I've missed you too!! <3 Gah...I haven't kept my word in updating my blog from this last post. BUT, I will be working on a post shortly after this. ^^

    Heh. You know, I'm quite the fail when it comes to city transportation. BUT, our metro is quite easy to navigate since it's pretty small in comparison to other big cities. lol. I think we have a TON of buses here. If I had to take the bus somewhere, I'd totally fail!

    Hehe. Yummy food is always necessary. ;]

    Gah. Right~ must take more pics of Snowball. lol. 

  17. Ah. I know what you mean! Gas is super expensive here too! =/ 
    The job actually didn't work out as well as I hope...but thank you anyways.

  18. Indeed!
    The job actually didn't work out as well as I hope...but thank you anyways.

  19. Haha. That just means you're due to visit!! ^^

  20. The job actually didn't work out as well as I hope...but thank you anyways!! ^^ Ooh! You should totally give it a try. You don't have to run if you don't want to. I'm def. not a runner...but I ran for probably less than a minute throughout the whole walk. lol.

  21. The job actually didn't work out as well as I hope...but thank you anyways! Back to the drawing board (kinda). May have something else in the works very soon. ^^
    Heh. I've been quite bad with the walking group. >< Will try to get back into it soon!!
    HE IS! It was one of the most amusing things....XD

  22. Aww, thanks Rinny!...but the job didn't turn out to be what I had hope for it to be. -sigh- It was kind of a rude awakening and definitely learned a lesson. Will try to explain further soon.

    Thank you!! Haha. Same here~ there aren't enough stops in LA unless in work downtown. 

  23. Indeed!! I just had to snap a pic!
    Meh, job ended up NOT being all that I had hoped for. =/

    Lol. The metro does have some pretty strange people. But, for the most part, it's not too bad. ^^

  24. Aww well hopefully you'll find a job in the future that you do enjoy more. Everyone has had their share of bad experiences :)

  25. Yeah .. I heard .. bummer!  =T  So what kind of job are you looking for?

  26. Sorry to hear about the job. :( 

    Good to know I can walk the marathon!