"Hello Kitty, play with us today."

Sanrio has been a favorite idea of nostalgia since the beginning of my grade school years. "Small gift, big smile." From school supplies to the softest, tastiest gum I've ever chewed on, Sanrio was my store back in the day. Let's fast forward about 15 or so years later...

 My "everyday" Hello Kitty collection

The little plushie and pillow made during her 35th anniversary. Prior to the limited edition collection, I visited Japan for the first time during the summer of 2009. If you haven't been exposed to my "fan-girl" side yet, here's a sneak peak. While there, I attended Tohoshinki's Tokyo Dome concert in Tokyo where this song was first performed: How could such a cat have such a lovely song made in her dedication??? XD Ok, back to what I was saying. My shinyuu took a second trip to Japan that year and searched high and low for the little plushie, but brought me back the big pillow instead. ♡ Both bring back lots of memories, both in melody and harmony...

My everyday wallet ever since I've purchased it. I've gotten tons of compliments ever time I whip this out. I may be due for a new change though since it really weighs down my purse even when I don't have a lot of coins.

The ever so necessary HK head, dangling on the edge.

The notebook given to me two Christmases ago by my friend Beastie. I recently started using it last year, and it now has become my "go-to" for notes and inspirations. (Along with the pen from the set I've received from another friend.) Pictured in writing are my notes for my potential job interview questions. Maybe I should invest in something more professional looking....? Nah.

Mirrors! I have a full length mirror in my room right next to where I keep all my make-up, but the lighting in my room is way too dim for me to use it. That's where little compact mirrors come in handy since they are perfect enough for me to use near the desk light I have.

The two-finger bow ring I've received from a friend from my last birthday. Though it's a bit big, I still love it nonetheless!

And last, but not least, my phone case! I got this a week or so prior to getting my new phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) so I knew I was in need of some type of case. This one fits perfectly. It can also be used as a camera case, too.



Never would I have thought myself of a Hello Kitty type of girl.

If you know who this little guy is, *high5*. Yes, I was a Pochacco girl! I even named my first doggy (Welsh Corgi) Pochacco. We called him "Chackie" most of the time though. ^^ Miss them both...

I should've known though. Especially after watching English speaking Hello Kitty cartoons. Any one else with me on this one?

Are you a Hello Kitty girl? 
Join, as we frolic with our red and pink bows!
28 comments on ""Hello Kitty, play with us today.""
  1. AHHH cute cute cute!! i loved looking through your hello kitty collection!! i've been obsessed with HK since i was a little girl.. and i can't seem to let it go even though i'm nearing 30 WAH!!!! hahah

  2. OMG so much cuteness in a post!!!

    I especially love your HK mirrors! Totemo kawaii ne! :D

    LOL at your wallet being heavy when it's empty! That must be quite misleading when you're wondering if you have any coins xD

    You first visited Japan in 2009?? :O Wow! Have you been back since?

  3. wow! i very like hello kitty! ^^ I would like to have this pillow.

  4. this post is full of cute
    i dont know if i am a hello kitty girl, i buy too many different characters!

    and this is scary but we went to the same concert XD!!!

  5. aww..everything is just too cute! I especially love the wallet! Am a big fan of Hello kitty too. Who isn't? Though, saying that, my husband definitely isn't a fan. He cringes everytime I spot a Hello Kitty merchandise. hehe

  6. Sooo cute!!!

    I think I'm more of a HK girl now than ever before XD

    I've said this before but you're so lucky to see them at Tokyo Dome, I wish I was able to see them as five.

    Colours and Melody is such a lovely song, and the performances seemed so cute XD <3

  7. LOL colours and melody?! *Fail* XD

  8. I loveee that wallet! I used to be such a Hello Kitty fangirl! Not so much anymore though... sadly. 
    When I was a kid and on a family vacation to China, the McD's there had special limited edition HK stuffed toys that came with happy meals... needless to say I ate happy meals every other day just to get them all! I missed one because I didn't realize that you could just buy the toys individually and it was sold out everywhere. :(
    Good memories, my whole family helped me collect them all, lol.

  9. Oh my god, i have the whole collection too!! ♥

  10. you have nice handwriting lolol. i'm not obsessed over kitty but i do think certain things are cute and i'd totally visit the hello kitty café or hotel if there ever was one opened here.

  11. wow! that's alot of hello kitty!

  12. Hehe. Thanks! You can never be too old for Hello Kitty. She's made for the babies of the 80s anyways! :D

  13. Hehe. DOMO~!

    It is such a tease since it really weighs down my shoulder. I've used it for a good two

    YUP! First time ever! I know I have family there too, but I've never met them. :3 I haven't...though I always dream about going back someday. =[

  14. Hehe. The pillow is really soft. ^^

  15. ^^
    Here in the states, all we really have is Hello Kitty, Kuromi, and Chococat...but mainly it's just Hello Kitty. Everyone goes crazy for that little cat. lol.

    Oh my goodness! We were in such a close proximity! Did you go to the first show or the second? Or maybe you were crazy like me and went to both? XD 

  16. Awww. Thank you! ^^ 
    Hehe...I'm sure he's used to it now though. But I think I'm more drawn to her bow. XD

  17. YEEEAH! And I thank you again for broadening my HK collection with the Liberty items! 

    Aww~ there's always hope with JYJ though! They seem to be flying wherever they want for concerts so...if the UK is in their plans, I hope to make it in my plans too! XD 

    Keke. It's ok. I get what you mean. <3

  18. LOL! I used to do that for McD toy collections too. We never had a HK collection though...but last year there was a Sanrio watch collection! I never got around to getting myself one though. ><

  19. Heh heh...thank you!! I'm not obsessed either...but I'm drawn to certain things. ^^
    I'd totally go too if I had the chance!..perfect photo ops~!

  20. So cute! I love your collection :D I don't think you can ever get too old for Hello Kitty haha . I've never seen the cartoon before though - I didn't even know they had one!

  21. Hehe. Thank you, Rinny! Seriously..right? I think she was made for our generation anyways. ;]
    Really? LOL. I had one on how old it is. XD

  22. i LOVE hello kitty! such a classic character!

  23. loving your essentials :)

    i'm going to buy that ring too hehehe

    kitty chan is love <3

  24. Hehe. We can be sock and ring buddies. ;]

  25. I guess one can't have too much hello kitty accessories!  I'm so glad I have a baby boy ... then again .. maybe he'll love hello kitty as much as you do!  hahaha

  26. Well, I love Hello Kitty too, for no spesific reason just for her cuteness!! I guess no girl, no woman is old enough to get rid of her Hello Kitty!

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