Circle, circle, dot, dot...

Hello! Happy Friday! Hope all of you had a lovely week! I did some major clean up in my room and it feels oh so good. But every time I start to clean, my whole room turns into a pile of mess. Aigoo. But once it's all cleared up, there is that nice feeling of satisfaction. :D

I wanted to show you guys my current NOTD;; dots! I was inspired by my friend's polka dot mani to do my own. I failed at making nicely shaped dots using a bobby pin...maybe I should invest in a dotting Picture below is my right hand. My left hand looks like a disease, or as I mentioned to JK, "I was a little too dot happy..."

China Glaze "Starboard" and "Electric Pineapple"

I think the nail "trend" of the thumb and/or index finger designs is cute. Adds some nice detailed accents to a simple mani. ^^

Have a great weekend! ♥
9 comments on "Circle, circle, dot, dot..."
  1. LOLLL "DOT HAPPY" I  LOVE THAT TERM. Imma use it now :D AHHH i love the nail polish colorrrrrrrrrr <3

  2. Cute mani! I love dots!

    When I used to go to the nail studio to get acrylic nails, I would do a design on just my ring fingers.

  3. So cute, I love your choice of colours, I think it looks really refreshing (if that makes any sense) ^^

  4. Hope you have a grat weekend too!!! ^^ I love the green colour, it's not so bright, but cool....a few days ago I tryed to do some cute spots in my nails and it was a disaster hahahaha, it's difficult!!!!!!! :P

  5. This is so cute! I need to get a proper dotting tool too.

  6. Thanks! Haha. Yeah...bobby pins don't really cut it.

  7. Aw, thank you!! Yes. Totally makes sense, and I agree. ^^

  8. Thank you, Kat! <3

    Ooh! I've never tried acrylics...but I bet they looked pretty.

  9. LOL! Did you get "starboard" for yourself? :]