Love Package: We're samey!

Hello guys! This post is quite overdue, but I wanted to do a post on it anyways. I received a lovely love package from my chingoo, JK! She recently found my blog and youtube (lol) and I recently found out that she's into make-up as well. I feel like make-up is a mutual understanding. If you're not into it, you just won't understand! lol. So yeah, she was so sweet and sent me a whole bunch of things included back-ups that she bought while in Korea, as well as a ton of samples! I've tried a few things here and there, but...there's so much! XD

Packaged ever so cutely! We love HK! (but I think she does more...^^)

The back-ups~ will post reviews on some of these soon! :D

FACE MASKS! + wipes. :D

More goodies! The HK sample bag.

I've always wanted to try out the Etude House BB MIneral cream! And care samples! *_*

And, even more samples! Wahh.

Thank you so much, JK! You've spoiled me so muc! XD I miss you mucho! =[ Probably won't be heading up to the bay next weekend...but will definitely see you in October! Hope you've been well~~~~~ ♡♡♡

And speaking of Korea...plans of going next spring are in the "talks." Uh..with what money? I don't know. But, that's the goal! We'll so how that goes. :3 Wah. lol.

Oh! And I finally started watching the kdrama "PROTECT THE BOSS" and I LOVE IT!! I'm going to be on episode 5! Will watch that once I shower...:D I like all the characters here! Not hating on anyone, surprisingly~ lol. Cha Mu Won is soooo cuute though. OK, so I'm biased...but still. XD It's been a while since I've "fangirled", ok? ♥

Have a good one guys! :]
26 comments on "Love Package: We're samey!"
  1. YAYYYYY! glad you liked it all :D

    WAHHHH I'm so sad I won't be seeing you in a couple weeks :(

    Korea.. girl you'll make it happen. just SAVE SAVE SAVE. It'll all be worth it there ;)

  2. btw JAE JOONG and JI SUNG  are <3

  3. How nice of her! & I envy all the samples korean cosmetic stores give :O
    I'm watching protect the boss too. I'm a little farther ahead though hehe I love all the characters. They're all so cute yet not overly done :D

  4. OMG! what a lovely present, the HK bag it's soooo cute!
    Good luck for the "Korea" project hahaha, save your money! :P

  5. Awwh I wanna try the bb cream for the fall/winter :) xo 

  6. Ah! Lovely package ^^ Super cute HK bag~ Haha, so many samples!! Hope to see reviews on some of them. Esp the mini BB creams :)

  7. What a great package! So sweet of your friend.
    Ooohhh hope your Korea plans pan out well. Very excited for you! xx

  8. lovely package. those hello kitty notes are so thoughtful and personal. 

  9. I have a few friends who are all addicted to this drama!

  10. aww how sweet of her! i've always wanted to try korean beauty products! korean ladies always have THEE best skin! xx

  11. What a cute package! Your friend is so sweet =)

  12. what a cute package you got! awww love the hello kitty

  13. AGREED! They take care of their skin so well...*envy*

  14. You should!! BB creams are great. ^^

  15. I know right? :]
    Aw, thank you! I know...I'm trying! GAH.

  16. Seriously, right?? No store in the states really gives such a generous amount of samples. Boo. 
    I'm going to be on Ep 7! heheh. Totally agree! Can't hate anyone...surprisingly. 

  17. ARIGATOU~~! <3

    I know. =[ But in LA for sure, y/y? ^^

    LOL. Gonna try. D;

  18. How cool, love Asian cosmetics! That's very sweet of her to send a lot of goodies! Thanks for sharing!