Birchbox x Smashbox Event Recap (+ more?)

Hello everyone! Hope you guys had a great week! Now it's time for us to unwind for the upcoming weekend. Yay! I had quite a Thursday as I had to run to 3 drugstores just to get a prescription fulfilled for my brother. Aigoo. Such a headache, but everything worked out in the end. Oh, and while doing so, if you guys saw my tweet, there were these high school girls who basically took up the make-up section, sitting on the ground, opening up the lipsticks and lipglosses. Ew. -shivers- Kids these days...I swear.

Anyways! On a much, much happier note. I'm here to share with you guys my recap of Birchbox's First Anniversary event! It was held last evening at the Smashbox Studio in LA and was free for Birchbox subscribers. I'm not a Birchbox subscriber (though I do look forward to seeing what people get in their that weird? lol), but my good friend, Kristine is! She forwarded me the email invite and I told her we should check it out! So we did.

My outfit for the night. Wore my brown suede heeled boots. Woot.

Candy bar! Along with somes strawberries on the side. This area was almost completely wiped out by the end of the night. (Guilty. Tried to take an much candy as I could back home with me.)

Guests lining up to be "touched-up"/made over by the pros of Smashbox!

Towards the back of the studio space was where celebrity photography Stephen Khan took head shots for the guests. To the right were Smashbox products that the MAs were using that were available for purchase.

Wee. There's me.

The little complimentary cocktail bar.

Oooh, glowing. I'm easily amused.

The pink tables for guests to stand at. DJ in the back who rocked the night!

Trying to get an "aerial" view.

Smashbox MAs working their magic.

My non-alcoholic cranberry juice. :3 I don't drink...because I can't. (That's for another

The MA whose hair was "out of this world". So space-y!

Our MA that touched us up with some blush and contour!

Overall, I had a great time! It was my first time attending such a beauty event along with fellow beauty gals. Even though I'm not (yet) a subscriber of Birchbox, going to this gave me incentive to join in on their monthly subscription! They seem like a great company and have come quite a ways this past year. I feel like they will continue to grow throughout the years in the beauty community. AND, I have a greater appreciated for Smashbox. I do have some of their limitless eyeliners, which I still do like to use, but they've got me looking further into what products they have to offer. Oh no! Bank out!

Thank you for inviting me, Kristine! (Do check her blog out if you haven't already.) I'm glad we decided to go and check it out. Definitely an upgrade for our fail attempt at FNO, right? And with a box of goodies to go along with it. (And inspiring us to contour + blush some more!)

Birchbox x Smashbox was kind enough to provide all guests with a complimentary Birchbox to take home! Seeing that this is my first Birchbox EVER, here are some pictures of my un-opening:

Wrapped so nicely! Loving the colors.

How cute! Mini versions of: Limitless Eye Liner in "Onyx" (I have a bigger mini size of this and I do like it), Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss SPF 15 in "24/7", Bionic Mascara in "Jet Black", and a small tube of Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer.

Trying to get a better look at my FOTD w/contour:

The "NAKED" palette. Yay for soft, smokey-eyes. :]

The contouring courtesy of Smashbox MA.

Thank you guys for reading! Now that I have attended this event, I look forward to more!

For those of you interested in the event that Beautylish will be hosting next month, click this link to sign up!

Hope we all will be able to get invites!! :]

And two more events that my the organization that I'm part of is helping out with. All of you Bay Area heads, go, go, go!

Tickets still available here! I won't be at the event, but please do go and support!

And, where are my LA heads at? :D

I'll definitely be here for this one! Currently working on some preparations for the event. It's going to be a busy week!
Tickets available now!
So I better see you there. ;] So tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a friend!
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  1. 1... I am not even gonna comment on the bichbox thing. That is BS hosting an event right after I unsubscribe. 

    2. OMG i WANT TO GO TO THIS EVENT!  Omg now im only going to be thinking of this event. I can't stop looking at the flyer. But ouch $50 for tickets... omg T^T

  2. the goodies you got all seem promising and the event sure looks fun! xD

  3. Looks like one fun and fab event, thanks for posting the pictures.:D Loving your outfit too, comfy and cute.:D

    ***** Marie *****Freeman Beauty Blogger Kit Giveaway

  4. Awesome event!! :) It looks like a busy night! :) 

  5. Smashbox Cosmetics are so great!! I love your knitted poncho - such a cute look! 


    Come and visit:)

  6. Pretty outfit, you look great! Looks like a fun event

    Love the FOTD, nice and natural!

  7. I know right! I haven't used them yet...but I'm looking forward to trying them out. :D It was pretty fun!

  8. It was a fun event! Aw, thank you!! :D ♡

  9. Thanks! It was~ I'm glad I was able to attend. ^^

  10. I'm excited to try more of their products out!! :D Aw, thank you!!

  11. Thank you, Penelope. ♡ It was definitely fun. :]

    Hehe, yes...nice and natural. ^^

  12. Omg, it looked like you had so much fun at the event! I'm sad now, because I got the e-mail about the event but I didn't attend because I had no one to go with. Boo! Next time for sure I won't miss this opportunity again. I'll just beg my older sister to be my beauty partner instead lol You should totally subscribe to birchbox, its really fun getting a bunch of good brands for only $10, I seen others for $30.00 and that's a lot!

  13. hahah I was totally thinking "ooo glowy" when I saw that pic as well so you're not the only one!

  14. It looks like so much fun! I haven't tried the birchbox yet, but it does seem cool. But I have the julep maven, and I don't want to have a bunch of unused products! And thanks for your lovely comments :D

  15. the event looks so fun!!! love your fotd :D omg i would've tried to hoard as much candy as possible too hehe!

  16. the event looked looked fun! You looked great with the white poncho! something like that would swallow me up :P Your contouring is very natural -looking :D

  17. It was a lot of fun. :] Aww~ hehe. It would probably swallow you up since you're so petite. XD Thank you!!

  18. It was fun! :] Aw, thank you~~ LOL, I ended up giving the bag to my brother and sister (who knows where it is now....)

  19. It was!! Ah yes, are you liking the Julep Maven subscription so far? (Aw, you're welcome! Your eye looks are so inspiring!) 

  20. It was a lot of fun! Awww, you should've gone! Yes~ next time for sure. ^^ I should, huh? Soon maybe! I am more curious of the product they'd send me. heh heh

  21. This looks like so much fun! I'm glad that your friend invited you to go along with her so you could experience it :D I've never been to a beauty event like this before. That's awesome that you guys each got a Birchbox too! You got some really great samples from it!