Clothes Minded.

Hello there. It's been a nice Wednesday so far with my routine blog catch ups and "Protect the Boss" watching (going to be on episode 13!), though I added in an emapanda to the mix. Yum!

Today, I wanted to FINALLY share with you guys my first Goodwill experience. It was my first time ever venturing out to a Goodwill store, so I didn't really know what to expect. Upon arrival, racks of clothing separated by type, style, and color all were laid out to be browsed through. Though a bit intimidating, I was quite excited to see what was in store for me and my curiosity.

Though I did not go through ever rack, as I found it to be a bit intimidating, I did find two items!

The jean cropped jacket that I've been getting a lot good wear out of. After discounts, this was $7.99. Yes, a bit pricey for second hand used clothes, but it was in an "almost new" condition and fit me so well. Jean jackets were coming back in style for the summer and after seeing similar styles at Forever 21 for $30, my purchase had been worth it. :]

The second item I got was this beige tailored vest. I thought it was a cute piece for layering as it is quite fitting and would go well over a plan white tee/tank and some accessories to spice it up. ^^ This ended up being $2.99.

Overall, my first experience wasn't bad. I'm definitely not discouraged on venturing out to more thrift stores to find more "diamonds in the rough." Why? Because, after coming across the youtube channel, Clothes Encounters, a new breath of personal fashion hit me hard. Both girls, Sarah and Jenn, really have an eye out for what they look for while thrift shoppings and I find them truly inspiring! I love how they rock the bright/bold lip colors in the videos as well.

(And they make me want to buy a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas!)

The only thing holding me back? The $159.95 that I currently don't have to splurge (click). -sigh- One day. For now, I'll just keep dreaming.

Also, while on the subject of clothing, Lauren Conrad has launched her own clothing line, "Paper Crown", which is supposed to reflect that "LA Girl" style. Here are some of my picks from her previously released look book:

My favorite look out of the bunch.
(The rest of the lookbook - credits to

There isn't really anything special about her line of clothing form these pictures. I do like the simplicity of style and the choice of brighter, neutral colors for that young, but mature look, but for the prices, it's nothing that I'd spend so much on. To be honest, I can see such outfits being recreated with much affordable alternatives like H&M or even ASOS. I personally have been trying to venture out into new styles that fit the "me" criteria...slowly getting there.

And to end today's post, is Bubzbeauty's recap of her ventures to NYC for Fashion Week/Fashion's Night Out! (-sigh- yes, not a kpop video. lol.) I actually tried attending a local FNO event with a friend, but it ended up being a dud. No one was there...minus the two of us. Sadface. Should've braved the crowd at the Beverly Center. Oh well. There's almost next year! Hoping to revisit NYC too some day. -sigh-

Loved her heeled loafers she picked out btw!

And an extra read that I found to be truly inspiring. Here's a little excerpt from the blog post:
I take notice when incredible things happen–whether big or small. And I use it as an opportunity to be gracious, while repeating with a smile, “I am the luckiest person in the world. Good things happen to me. Everything is falling into place perfectly.”

Click for the rest. I have been trying to repeat this new mantra, and it feels great. Life is too short for us not to look on the bright side of things. Sure we have our stresses and worries, but we shouldn't let them overtake the beauty of feeling alive and appreciating all that life has to offer.

Thank you for reading. ♡
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  1. You had much better luck than me!  Hopefully I can find better thrift finds in the future!  Let's go thrifting soon~  Also, I like your choices...I think the 4th look is my favorite from the ones posted. ^^  But dang, the prices!!  I'll just go shop at H&M, thank you very much! lol

  2. You got a pretty good bargain on that jean jacket! It looks really cute :) I've always wanted to go thrift shopping but there aren't too many good thrift stores around my area. I'd love to visit some of the ones in NYC though. And I love clothesencounters' videos! They always put together such cute outfits :)

  3. Whenever I read US bloggers blogging about their fabulous finds at thrift stores, it made me wanna move to the States. Over here in Singapore, we've only got the salvation army. I went there once and the untidiness gets me. It's not like how the clothes are arranged into sizes or styles. I think you got yourself some great buys there. The denim jacket and nudish pink top is lovely. I like the paper corwn photos that you put up. Such clean simple looks attract me. I do watch some of Bubzbeauty's videos but I haven't watched this yet. Somehow this isn't playing on my browser.

  4. wow those are great buys!! You definitely should thrift shop more! I love it :) I want a pair of black JC Lita as well >.<

  5. Great finds! And LC's collection looks so wearable and girly :)

  6. I'm sorry Goodwill doesn't exist around here, it's such a worthy cause. I love the LC line, it's so much like her style, isn't it? I can imagine her, doing a test-run on each item of clothing before approving it ahab

  7. omg those jeffrey cambells are friken gorgeous.. *dies.

  8. Beautiful photos! :))))

  9. Are thrift stores better where you are b/c where I am goodwill is rather messy and/or smelly... which is unfortunate b/c lots of other people seem to find amazing things!

  10. Nice stuff!

  11. I love all those outfits!! Especially the maxi-dresses! 

  12. JC's on everyone's blog although it's not hard to see why! they're just so gorgeous! :) 

  13. you found some really cool stuff at good will! and I'm diggin LC's new line :D

  14. Ive seen Jeffery Campbell shoes everywhere - I want a pair!! Nice haul :)