Feature: Life is a Beach. I'm just playing in the sand.

Hello lovelies~ hope all of you had a great week! My quiz ended up being more difficult than I had thought. It was kinda lame though since the quiz was on 2 articles and a story the professor wrote on his life and whatever and he expected us to know such specific names of schools and exact numbers. Aish. Oh well. I bs-ed my way through it so, we'll see.

Anyways, like I had mentioned before, I sunburned so badly last Sunday. I decided to wear my near swimsuit with a black tank that had deep, low cut arm holes since I did want to get a tan. BUT, being the brilliant person I am, I didn't apply any sunscreen from my shoulders to all the way down my back. I'm pretty fair skinned, but I don't burn that easily IF I apply some kind of SPF. Yeah, I don't know what happened but I ended not applying any and now, I suffer the slow process of recovery.

This was right after we got home. Not as red. More on the pink side.

The worst was the next two days. Wearing anything with straps hurt soo much since the burn was still "fresh." Sleeping and showering was also hard since it hurt whenever any pressure was applied to it. I kept apply the aloe we had to the affected areas. My mom suggested that I use this product called "Solar Cane" which is supposed to give instant relief by cooling, moisturizing, and relieving the itch.


It sprays "upside down" meaning, I can just alternate my hands and reach my entire back. Pretty convenient.

But, starting yesterday (June 7), I felt a huge difference. The burn stopped hurting, and instead, it itched like crazy. lol. I don't know if that's any better, but I prefer itching over pain. Now, my burn is turning colors; from red to brown. I showed my mom and she said it's healing. But seriously, it looks like I have some skin disease. :3 -sigh-

Here are some more happier pictures prior to being burned:


The sun that showed itself for at most...15-20min. *shakesfist*

My sister was smart...I should've joined her in this fort. lol

Grubbin' on Wahoo Taco! Nom nom.

Moral of the story: ALWAYS APPLY SPF NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO. The suns rays are super powerful and even if it shines only for a little while, the rays are that intense to damage skin. It's always better to be safe than sorry. =/ It was the first time in a very long time, exposing my back to direct sunlight...and look what happened. I usually do apply SPF when going to the beach, but I don't know what happened. Oh well. Now it's time for the waiting game; the wait for it all to peel. Ew. :3

Do you guys have any recommendations for all over body SPF/sunscreens?
And what # SPF do you guys use/look for in a sunscreen?

Ok, end of my story time. XDHope all of you have a lovely weekend!! Stay cool and well protected! (SPF of

throws confetti~ XD
22 comments on "Feature: Life is a Beach. I'm just playing in the sand."
  1. ouch ouch ouch!! I can almost feel the burn just looking at the red on your shoulders!

    I burn so easily so I am constantly slapping on sunscreen. I use SPF 50 for the beach.

  2. Ouch!! That looks painful!
    I am very light skinned,but my mexican genes make me not get sunburned. lol.

  3. nice sunnnies but omg at your sunburnt!!! It looks so painful... haha >O<"

  4. Oh...OUCH! That looks quite painful! Living in Hawaii, I know what that's like since going to the beach used to be a regular thing to do. Now I can't stand the sun or the beach though.


  5. I can totally relate since I recently recovered from a bad sunburn. I did a post on it, maybe it'll help? check it out and hope you recover soon. take care.

  6. Hmmm, at least SPF30 PA++, I prefer SPF50 PA+++ if possible.

    I purchase cheapie sunscreens, since it's something that we should apply generously. I know I'll use a minute amount if I buy an expensive one =.= Sunkiller, Biore and Sunplay have good sunscreens!

  7. I'm not much of an SPF user too. Hope your skin gets back to normal soon :)

  8. aloe vera helps relieve sunburn dear. i used to apply it whenever i get sunburned hehe. >.<"

    hmmm nivea and neutrogena have good sunblocks i think. :)

  9. congrats on 100 followers! And I hope your burn gets better soon. I never go tanning because I only end up getting burned. Definitely keep applying that aloe vera stuff - it'll help relieve the pain. :)

  10. I'm not much of an SPF user too. Hope your skin gets back to normal soon :)

  11. nice sunnnies but omg at your sunburnt!!! It looks so painful... haha >O<"

  12. Thank you, Rinny! My sunburn is actually getting a lot better. Haha, I really wanted to tan! =[ But, turns out to be a major burn. Oh well~ thanks for the req. ^^

  13. Thanks for the recs~! I think I will try Neutrogena next for sunblock. I heard pretty good things about them. ^^

  14. Thank you for your recommendations!! I need to go out hunting for better sunscreens soon if I ever decide to go back into that kind of sun exposure. :3

  15. Oh my goodness~ we're both in the same boat. -sigh- thank you for sharing that post with me. ^^ I like that last part of taking time out for ourselves. I kind of have been hiding in my room too. I miss wearing my tank tops. =[

  16. It was pretty painful...but it still itches like crazy. Wahh. Aww really? I miss HAWAII~ I want to go back and visit so badly. 

  17. Thank you! <3 I was pretty bad but it's healing finally. ^^

  18. It was painful...not it's just itchy. lol. Ahh, I envy youu~ haha

  19. Gahh, looking at that pic makes me kinda hurt all over again. lol

    Yes...I need to find a higher spf sunscreen. The one I had was only spf 15. =/

  20. Omg, that looks painful! I got sunburned last summer too and it's still bothering me til this day. I have sensitive skin on my right arm now :p If you can, try to apply real aloe straight from the plant. I got burned a few months ago while cooking and real aloe has helped it heal w/o scarring!

  21. Gahh, I'm afraid of getting scars but, my mom said it'll be ok. I think we used to have a real aloe plant in our backyard but, that was a while back. Thanks for the suggestions though. ^^