Feature: I ♥ you guys~!

Hello! Back with another short video, but this time it's s THANK YOU VIDEO. :]

Special thanks to Kathy for sending me everything even when I know she's been busy with wedding plans for her son. Check her blog out! She's super sweet and I'm so happy to have gotten to know her a little better through the blogging community.

I love receiving mail. :D

I'm so happy to be back and blogging. I've missed it a lot~ not only the writing and sharing of my entries, but all of you guys that have supported me along the way. ;]

Ok, I've played and distracted myself enough today. Time to wash up and read for my quiz/test tomorrow. Should be easy enough...^^ Last day of summer school for the week. Woo!
9 comments on "Feature: I ♥ you guys~!"
  1. I love receiving mail too~
    Your friend is sweet ^^

  2. Kat is so lovely! Through blogging there are lots of super amazing people! :D

    Yayy for another JYJ/DBSK/Tohoshinki fan!! ^^ *Points to your video* LOVE the Mirotic album! I'm sooo jealous you got to see them live as a five! Did you get to see JYJ when they toured the US too? :) xxx

  3. You are so sweet! Thank you for the kind words. I'm so glad that you are able to put the BB cream to use. I'm hoping that the other one works out for you as well. I'd rather see something being used than it just sitting around my house not being used. Japanese saying is "Mottainai!".


  4. Ooooo I c bb creams in ur package! Enjoy using them!

  5. ooh BB creams and mask! I love the my beauty diary masks. And I also have one of the Skin79 bb creams~

    Oh and just to reply to your comment, the biore strips work play alone on me. But they work fantastic if I use them after using a pore cleansing mask. Maybe you should give that a try :D

  6. Reply to your comment ^^

    You are super super lucky! I'm so jealous XD I really hope I can watch them live one day, I would defo go to the US to watch them as I have family in LA and San Francisco too ^^ Or they could just come to Europe... :P
    Who's your favourite member? :) xx

  7. We're also happy you're back into blogging :D Looking forward to more posts, dearie

  8. It's so sweet!! :D
    Good luck for your test btw :D

  9. so many lovely things!! i loveeee BB cream :) good luck on your test hon!!!