FOTD: Happy (belated) 4th! :]

Hi guys! It's been a few days since I last posted something, but it's because LIFE has been keeping me busy. I recently took a day trip to the beach with my family this past Sunday and it was pretty fun! I got MAJOR sunburned MAJOR. =[ But, I'll post more details about that in my next entry or something...-sigh- I also started my first class of the summer today and it wasn't too bad. Even after a few wrong turns and getting "lost," I still made it on time. :D IT WAS SUPER HOT TODAY THOUGH! By 11am it was around in the 90s. O.M.G. Thank goodness that the campus has shaded parking. PHEW.

Anyways, to my fellow bloggers living in the US, hope all of you had a wonderful 4th of July! Did you guys eat as much BBQ and stuff as yourself with as much food as I did? hehe. My mom BBQ'd hotdogs and hamburgers and then in the evening, we went over to my Grandma's and had some really good Thai food, home fireworks, and playing poker (which ended up being pretty fun) I love holidays.

I like this SELCA pic of my hand + sparkler from some reason. Artsy, maybe?

Here's my simple FOTD for yesterday's celebration:

I started using my E.L.F. everyday palette (I think it's the bold one?) lately just to try different color combos and looks. ^^ I also started using my Physician's Formula concealer in Fair Light as well, but in very VERY tiny amounts and it's been working. Woot. Oh, and of course, I've been loving the two Lioele products (waterproof eyeliner + automatic eyebrow pencil - which I'll be doing a review on soon~) I've purchased recently as well. :D


I started playing with the "Fireworks" setting on my camera for these to come out. Pretty cool, no? ^^ All designs courtesy of my sister. haha.

Having my dad put on a little home fireworks show in front of my grandparents' sidewalk brought back lots of memories of past 4th of July celebrations where he also said it home fireworks have a better effect when placed on a stand (lol), so it was a lot of fun. Good food with good company.

Did you guys do anything special for the 4th? ^^

Okie dokie~ I shall be posting more about my past beach trip, my sunburn (T_T), and the lovely package I've received TODAY from Kathy of Mai-Kat Oshaberi! ♥ I'm slowly catching up on my dashboard feed, so in the mean time, ttyl!

(Thank you to all that have commented about my latest vids. You guys are simply amazing~ will try to post more videos soon!)
12 comments on "FOTD: Happy (belated) 4th! :]"
  1. Haha, the photo where you puff your cheeks is so adorable & cute! Seems to be a lot of fun! Here in Germany we don't celebrate the 4th ._. && Take care of your sunburn! xD Good luck on that! ^-^

  2. That is so cool how you did that on camera~ the fireworks are so pretty! I wonder if my camera can do that too!

  3. I love playing with sparklers, too! I agree that pic of your hand and the sparkler looks quite artsy hehe

    Ouch about the sunburn. I hope it's healing? Take care

  4. SO cute! I love how you made designs with the fireworks! I ate BBQ and watched the fireworks from my backyard. Lol.

  5. nice blog! haha you're funny
    your newest follower

  6. Cool fireworks effects! I did that once too with a candle when there was a blackout here. Hahaha

  7. the designs are super cool! looks like you had an awesome celebration! x)

  8. awesome firework pictures! the last pic is very artsy :D hope you have a lovely 4th July. It sounded very hot over there!

  9. love the marks you made of the firework! it's so cute, and you look great as well!

  10. wowww the firework patterns look soooo cooooooool *__* loll i want to try that out too xD


  11. omgosh so cute!! you look so pretty hon i love those handheld sprinkler fireworks :)

  12. Aw you're cute! Looks like you had lots of fun too!