Random: I love getting mail! :]

Second post of the day~ oh yeah, I said in my post from Friday that I was going to visit the INGLOT store but, we never got around to going. Boo. It's all good though, we all went mini golfing instead. And yes, MINI GOLF CHAMP in the flesh! Ye, ye, ye! :P

Today was one of those "MAIL" days! I received not one, but two things. :D

Signed up to get this freebie bag last month, and I finally received mine! I really thought that it either got lost or I didn't make the cut to receive one of these..but I guess since I'm on the west coast, it was a little slower compared to those on the east coast as well as in the midwest.

So many freebies in this cute little Sonia Kashuk makeup bag:
  • Pantene Pro-V Shampoo for Fine Hair - I haven't used Pantene in a very long time since I always found that it was too strong on my hair and dried it out way too much. But, I'll try this one out since my hair is pretty thin and will see if it can change my mind.
  • Nivea Express Hydration Lotion - This little lotion bottle's so cute and compact enough to put it in your bag, on the go. I've tried a different Nivea lotion (which I still have) and I find that it doesn't absorb as well as I'd like it to but, I'll see how this lotion works since it "softens" and "absorbs quickly."
  • Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm - Ah yes! I love lip balm! Quite excited to try this one out since I've read pretty good reviews on this one. And it's in it's full size! Woo!
  • Fekkai SHEA BUTTER Shampoo+Conditioner - I haven't tried this brand before but I'm looking forward to trying this one. I'm getting tired of the ULTA ones I've been using.
  • Revlon Color Last sample in "HOT PINK" - I've read a lot of great things about this lipgloss by Revlon~ I love this packaging but, even after I read the reviews, I never find myself reaching for it since it's regular price is $7-$8. Hoping for a big Revlon sale soon!
  • & a coupon book with a bunch of useful coupons

Who doesn't like free stuff, right? :] Did any of you guys get this bag too? Have you tried any of the products? If you didn't get a chance to get this bag, have you tried any of these products? I'd love to know!


And, I was totally not expecting this package to come in but...

Lady Gaga's Japan Relief Wristband
Little Monsters, show your support for Japan with this "We Pray For Japan" wristband! Choose your price to add an additional donation with your wristband. All proceeds go directly to Japan relief efforts.

Alrighty, I'm still recovering from my lack of sleep. -sigh- This is definitely not healthy. Meh.
I'm excited for tomorrow though. I've been thinking of various places I can take my mom to celebrate her bday~ I'll try to take pictures so I can show you guys later. ☺
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! じゃね〜!
12 comments on "Random: I love getting mail! :]"
  1. Nice! What a great what to lighten up one's day!

  2. Damn you Americans and your free Target bags!

  3. I love Target, it has practically everything you need for beauty & personal care! That bracelet is a really good idea.

    Hope you have a wonderful celebration with your mom!

  4. I just got my Target bag in the mail this week too :D Can't wait to try everything ^^

  5. p.s I gave you a blog award!

  6. ;O i wanted a target beauty bag!
    i love that you got the bracelet for japan (:

  7. How cooool! You got yours already! I'm still waiting for minezz (bracelet). It's so cute, Tiffany <3

    The beauty bag is sooo cool! Is the offer over already? Can't wait til you review the Pantene, let me know if it's still too drying for you. I haven't used Pantene in forevarz either. & The revlon lipgloss <333 What a great color to sample!

  8. hi :)
    thanks for your comment on my blog
    and yes she had a wonderfull bday.

    by the way I like your blog ^^
    so i will follow


  9. @Yami - Hehe, yup! Definitely. :]

    @♥PopBlush♥ - :D me too!

    @sugar sugar - Yay for freebies!

    @Kenzie - :PPPP <3

    @Karen - I love Target too! I always end up picking up too many things since they really do carry a lot of good stuff! :] Aw, thanks~ we had a wonderful celebration together!

    @Rinny - YAYY!!! I still haven't tried any thing from mine yet..heh.

    @EveryDay Makeup blog - YAYAY!!

    @cocoabee - Awww, you weren't able to get one? =[ Hopefully there will be something else similar to this so you can get it too! Aw~ yes, the bracelet's pretty awesome. ^^

    @Dinorah ♥ - Hope you get yours soon!! It's a little big but, it's all good. :] Yeeah, the promo is over. =[ If ever I see another one like this, I'll let ya know!! :D

    @AmysBeautyWorld - You're welcome. ^^ Thanks for the follow! <3