Feature: I won Dinorah's giveaway! (and my first ever!)

(I've been meaning to post this sooner but, this past weekend was so packed with "work".)

This past Saturday morning, I did my usual blogger dash check...but boy was I surprised! Turns out, I won Dinorah's giveaway! When I checked her post, I saw that the winner was "Tiffany" and thought to myself, "Hm, probably not me. There's a whole bunch of Tiffanys out there..." but then I saw that she had made a screen cap of my entry! XD At first, I didn't see the email she sent (since it ended up in my spam folder -_-) but I quickly replied (in a spazzy/excited...tone :P) and it TOTALLY made my day.

Dinorah, thank you again for hosting the giveaway! I can't wait to received all of the goodies so that I can try them for myself and review them as well! :D

If you guys haven't check out her blog yet, please do!: DinorahBaby♥
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