Review: Kao Biore Face Scrub & Olay Daily Facials Wipes

Hello! The rain's been pretty heavy here, but off and on. One of the tires on my car is almost flat so, I'm pretty much stuck at home until we get some air in it. -sigh- It feels good to be at home though and just..relax. :]

Anyways, here are two short reviews on facial products that I've recently finished in the past week or so.

Biore Face Scrub & Olay Daily Facial Wipes

Biore Face Scrub:

Price: I think I probably got this for $9? Not too bad. A little more expensive than the typical American drugstore face scrubs but, this is Biore Japan, so I think it's alright. Got this at Marukai. (Japanese market)

Use: A creamy scrub with very small pink beads. It was a bit drying on my skin as I would use a good amount of product and it still wouldn't spread as easily on my face. I found that it broke me out at times, hence why I stopped using it for a while.

Would I buy this again?: Nah, there's so many other Japanese face scrubs out there that I want to try. This one didn't "wow" me or..really do anything for me. I guess that's what I get for getting this after seeing a fellow shopper reach for it. heh.

Olay Daily Facials Cleansing Cloths:
"Lifts away dirt, oil and make-up and locks it in the cloth for clean,, beautiful skin." All skin types.
  • 1. Thoroughly cleanses dirt and make-up. Even removes waterproof mascara.
  • 2. Conditions your skin to leave it feeling soft and comfortable.
  • 3. Special formula contains Olay moisture and vitamin E.

Price: There were probably around..$6? $5? They are the express wipes so, they were a little cheaper than the regular sized ones.

Use: I didn't like these at all! I use facial wipes to take off my first layer of makeup (follower by a cleanser after) and I found that these stung me eyes!! No bueno!! I still used them since they were fine for my skin, but if ever they made contact with my eyes, it just burned. =[

Would I buy this again?: NOPE. Didn't like these at all.

Hope ya'll are having a great week so far! :]
7 comments on "Review: Kao Biore Face Scrub & Olay Daily Facials Wipes"
  1. That's interesting. I've never seen that Biore cleanser before since its from Japan, but my all time favorite is the Biore Unclogging pore scrub it's absolutely amazing. You should try it out sometime.
    Cheers deb.

  2. Thanks for the reviews. Im sorry these did not work very well for you. Hopefully you will find something better that you can share with us :)

  3. I think im allergic to Biore. And when I stayed in japan with these teacher... he only HAD biore.. not a good combo.

    I'll be glad to stay clear of the olay wipes.

    If your looking for something GOOD use Queen Helene Mint Jubewekwfebfkb whatever facial mask!!!

  4. I'm really hoping the rain dies down because I want spring and hot weather to come about!

  5. Sorry to hear the product didn't work out for you. Better luck next time! :)

    Yay! I can comment on your blog now heheh

  6. I've never tried anything from Olay. I'm sorry the wipes didn't work out for u. By the way, I'm kinda glad the rain stopped but it was so nice to stay at home when it was pouring lol.

  7. @Deborah - Ooh, thank you for the recommendation! <3 I'll give it a try one day. The only other Biore products I've tried are the blackhead pore strips and this one other serum.

    @Yami - Thank you for stopping by and reading! Yes, hopefully next time I can give a positive review on something that I really like. :D

    @Mie - Oh no! That's not good. But at least you were in Japan? :D Ah, I miss it there. ^^

    I've heard about that mask! Might give it a try after I finish up my No7 clay one. :]

    @Mai - I know what you mean!! It's sunny where I'm at though! (for today). Hopefully it's sunny today for you too. <3

    @Joey - It's all good. :D Gives me an excuse to try more things. :]
    Yayayay! <33

    @EveryDay Makeup blog - I haven't either~ I've read a lot about their other night creams and such, but these wipes were not kicking it. =/

    I'm glad too! I think we're way too spoiled with out sunny SoCal weather. :P