Review: '0 teka Mat Powder'

Yay! Finally getting around to another review~ and this time it's on the K-palette 0teka Mat Powder from the small haul I got at Asian beauty store. I get really oily in my t-zone very easily, so I was actually looking for something for oil control.

About the product:
Made in Japan, this is a compact finishing powder with SPF15. "0 teka" refers to "zero shine."

Price: 10/10 -- I bought this for $15, which retails probably around that price in Japan (when converting the yen).

Packaging: 10/10
I really loved the outer container's packaging and it was this aspect that made me want to try it!
It was this little PUG that go me wanting to try this product even more! KAWAII!!
The Kanji character below the pug means "smelly", referring to the persimmon tannin (odor-fighting ingredient).

Wear: 8/10
I like this little matte powder a lot. It has great oil control and it's small enough to fit inside your purse or make-up back if ever you want to carry this around. The only not so good things about this powder is that it only comes in one shade ("natural beige") and it can look cakey if too much is applied. What I do is pat a bit onto the little puff and dab onto my t-zone and it works really really well.

Lasting powder isn't all day, but since this powder is compact, it's easy enough to carry for touch ups throughout the day.

Would I recommend this to a friend?: Yes! And, for the price and packaging...I think it's a pretty good product. :]

Overall: 9/10 -- It controls my oil spots...I'M HAPPY! :D
2 comments on "Review: '0 teka Mat Powder'"
  1. Ooh! This powder looks really cute!! I like the packaging a lot :D

  2. @Rainy Days and Lattes - I know right! Darn Japanese packaging...haha.