FOTD: Trying out my BB creams again~

HELLO! :] Hope you guys are enjoying your weekends so far~ I have A LOT to post here so, hopefully I can share them all with you soon! For now, here's my FOTD...with a little added bonus pic at the end? :D

Aveeno Ultra Calming moisturizer + Vanicream
Skin79 Gold Super BB Whitening Cream
bareminerals matte powder in 'Golden Fair'
Ulta professional concealer

UD Primer Potion
Rock & Republic shadow in "Diffused"
Revlon Custom Eyes in "Rich Temptations" (but only using the highlight and green colors)
Physician's Formula Eye Booster in "Ultra Black"
Smashbox's Limitless Eyeliner in 'ONYX'
Sephora's Nano yeux.eyes in 11 'silver green' on my lower lashline

ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in 'Baby Lips'

(note: I'm not really feeling the bareminerals powder I have..booo)

AND... for the added bonus picture that I'd like to share with my 10 (yes I've reached 10! :D) followers:
Two of our 3 dogs: Nemo and Cheerio.

As you can see, Nemo (on left) doesn't even realize he's literally on the edge of falling off the couch. lol. Crazy, lazy boys. :P

Ok, until next time! じゃね〜!!
3 comments on "FOTD: Trying out my BB creams again~"
  1. Well how are you liking the BB cream?

  2. @Mie I'm...not in love with the gold one, but it's alright. If I had to rank all 4, I'd rank this one probably...2nd or 3rd?

  3. I love BB creams too! :) I also noticed you used Vanicream.. haha I have it too and I love it! :) Moisturizes extremely well!