Shopping: Rock&Republic from Hautelook

Hello lovelys. ^^ Pictured filled post of my first Hautelook purchase! I got this last night (UPS has weird delivery times...) and it made me super happy. I couldn't play with them much since I was scrambling to do my paper..but here are pictures~ :]

I love getting packages in the mail. :D

My first purchase from Hautelook and it was well worth the money and wait.

Got 3 for myself! The packaging is soo pretty and elegant. I get a feeling of "crowned jewels" when just looking at the outer container. ^^

On to the shadows!:


Diffused: I love this color. It's a medium brown with a hint of gray and shimmer.

Carat: When I first swatched this with my finger...I couldn't believe how pretty this highlight color is! The sheer white with specks of gold glitter -- so gorgeous. <3

Chronic: I've been wanted a green shadow and I decided on this one. It has a more gray/gunmetal tone along with the green~ but it's pretty nonetheless. :]


Can't wait to try these! They're very pigmented and even though I haven't actually used them, I recommend all of you to catch the next Rock & Republic sale @ Hautelook. I paid $8.40 for each of these, and the regular price on the R&R website is $28. I think that's pretty darn good! I'm definitely gonna get some more the next time around. :D

Ok, I should probably sleep.
Thanks for reading. ♥♥ You all are awesome.

(If you haven't heard already, Japan/Tokyo was hit by a major earthquake around an hour ago and I was watching the news just now and it's bad. Tsunami warnings with waves up to 13ft. =[ #prayforjapan ☹)
2 comments on "Shopping: Rock&Republic from Hautelook"
  1. These e/s are so pretty! :) I really like the shades you chose.

  2. @Rainy Days and Lattes -- THANK YOU! You should check out hautelook the next time they have a sale for R&R. ^^