Feature: Japan Relief Run with Josh Duhamel

Hello lovelys~! Hope you all enjoyed your weekends! I have another feature blog post for today -- I attended the relief run/walk hosted by Josh Duhamel! Maybe you haven't heard of him, but he's an actor that's been in movies such as the "Transformers" movies, "When In Rome", "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton", and more. I first saw him advertising about this event on "The Ellen Show" last Thursday and was definitely set on going today. :] Josh Duhamel and tokidoki designer, Simone Legno, collaborated in designing the shirts specifically made in support of all of the victims of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan.

It was raining pretty hard when we first arrived, but it was all well worth it. In the end, the rain had stopped once we started walking while the sun shined through! :D

Here are some pictures from the event!

Waiting in line to register and to get the cute shirts/totes.

My sister and I; the "drowned rat" look. Attractive, no? :P

JOSH DUHAMEL! This guy is great (and handsome too!) :]

2mile walk/run by the beach. Loved it.

Had to get my picture with the Power Rangers! hahah...but my mom cut off the blue ranger... :3

There so many awesome sponsors there too from Coke, Gatorade, Powerade, Nickelodeon, and more! (Yayy free stuff!). According to recent articles from today, 4,000+ people came to show their support along with various new stations and press to document the event. Other celebrities that were there: Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, Dianna Aragon from "Glee", and Paris & Nicky Hilton! I didn't see any of it's great that they came out to support as well. ^^ (See article here.)

The American Red Cross has done wonders for Japan along with all of the other types of aid going towards the Japan relief. It disheartens me when I hear or read comments about people criticizing the US's aid for Japan... saying "Japan's too advanced and prosperous already...they don't need our help. Let them fend for themselves." Right now, Japan is trying to pull through on their own with their high, humble spirits...but at this point, any little donation/contribution helps.

I wasn't going to get the tote, but when I saw it while it was still raining, I had to get it. ^^

がばれ日本! ♥
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  1. That's so awesome! I too have helped support Japan. I purchased some I <3 Japan stickers for all our of cars. :) I love the t-shirts too!

  2. love the shirt, its super cute!!! Btw I tagged you!

  3. How awesome! The T shirt is so cute, and this is all for a great cause!

  4. aww the t shirt is really cute =] even better that it's helping Japan ^^

  5. Oh cuteee pis and you t shirt is amazing :D

  6. The tshirt is super cute!

    HELL YEAH I LIKE SUJU! : D <3 Hahah! I and Big Bang, 2ne1, Brown Eyed Girls, Rainbow, Secret, Epik High, BoA, Lee Hyori and KPOP in general : D Hahaha! Thanks for your comment btw <3

  7. I like how your mom cut off the blue ranger and they were posing the hardest! Haha.

    What a great cause though! The shirt is adorable, wish i could have purchased one!

  8. do you know if the shirts are sold online? would wish to get for a good cause + it's cute!

  9. @Katie Abshier - Aw, that's wonderful! It's great seeing people showing their support for Japan. ♥

    @DeyiMizu - Me too~ ^^

    @Riya~ - I know right! hehe. I commented on your latest post. ^^

    @Yami - Yes. Definitely a great cause. ^^

    @♥PopBlush♥ - Hahaha...yes, Power Rangers. Lame, but fun. :P

    @♥ Ani~熊貓 ♥ - Hehe, yup! The design is so cute~ XD

    @Dilan Dilir - Aw, thank youuu! :]

    @나니 - It is. :]
    OMGAHD KPOP! I'm not too much into the newer bands like Secret and Rainbow...but the rest~ LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! Especially Big Bang. YAYYYY! ♥

    @Kenzie - HAHAH, I know right...but the blue ranger doesn't need to know.. :P Aw, you can still purchase one online! :]

    @cushy - Yup~ here's the link. it is cutee! :D