Reviews/FOTD/NOTD: Few things I'm loving right now. ^^

Hi guys! I have a new header! I wanted to make my blog a bit more customized so, I put some basic photoshop skills to work and tada~ I'm quite a minimalistic person so, I think it works. :]

Ok, on to my post! Here are a few things I'm totally loving right now!

E.L.F. studio blush in #83133 "Candid Coral" ($3.00)
Coral is definitely the "it" color for spring so I think this blush fits perfectly. It gives a pretty nice color to the cheeks without being too overbearing. It's definitely buildable if desired. I love how it has subtle gold shimmers mixed in, too since it makes the blush even more sheen. ♥ I definitely want to try some of the other colors next time, but this definitely will be added to my "repurchase" list AND I'd recommend this to a friend as well. ^^ 10/10

A nice, subtle peachy pink color.

E.L.F. studio "Glossy Gloss" in #00908 "Berry Blush" ($3.00)
I LOVE THIS LIP GLOSS! It's not sticky at all and it surprisingly has quite a long lasting power (maybe around 5-6hrs?). It's pretty pigmented too, giving the lips a soft, natural pink color. This gloss also feels very moisturizing on my lips (which tend to be super chapped), so that's a major plus for me. I'd definitely repurchase this again. This gloss isn't found on the E.L.F. website any hopefully, if ever, they'll continue to carry these in my local Target stores. 10/10

This gloss has a soft brush applicator, which is another reason why I like it. It makes application very easy and spreadable for just the right amount of color and gloss.

Here are swatches from the E.L.F. items:

And, I used both "Candid Coral" and "Berry Blush" here's my FOTD!
I tried a pink/purple look today using my E.L.F basics palette and I like how it turned out. ^^

I've also been collecting a whole bunch of new polishes recently, so I tried my China Glaze "China Rain" and I looove it. It's a bit sheer, but the color is sooo lovely. A mix of coral//orange with gold sparkles. ♥

----Alrighty, I really should head to bed. First day of spring quarter begins in 8hrs. Oh man. I need to readjust my sleeping patterns again. Aish. Until next time..じゃね〜!
20 comments on "Reviews/FOTD/NOTD: Few things I'm loving right now. ^^"
  1. Oh i love the nail polish!
    Arg I know, I started my quarter on monday. Good thing I have no morning classes though :)

  2. I love the gloss shade! Nice nude pink :)

  3. Love the China Glaze! Those flashes of orange shimmer look amazing <3

  4. I am in love with all of those products. All the colors suit each other perfect! Love the blush.

  5. Candid Coral is such a pretty blush, isn't it? :) It looks lovely on you!

  6. the blush is such a pretty shade! great choices dear. :D

  7. the china glaze polish is such a cute color!

  8. 5-6 hours for lip gloss?! That's crazy long and a great deal!! I'll keep my eye open for those. :)

  9. it looks like my blush! almost the same color, i luv it. what a cute lip gloss! so sweet! :)

  10. The blush looks similar to the elf studio blush i own in peachy keen... however i'm loving the colour of the china glaze! such a pretty colour that i want it now :p

  11. I haven't tried E.L.F. products before. It's at Target? Hmmm...I don't recall seeing it in my Target but I probably didn't look that good. I usually make a beeline to Sonia Kashuk.

    From your picture, that blush looks very similar to NARS Orgasm and Benefit Bella Bamba. The blush and lipgloss are really pretty on you.


  12. @Yami - I love it too. :D Ah, lucky you! Hope your first day back went well!

    @♥PopBlush♥ - Yayy. I think so too. ^^

    @Sharon - I'm surprised how pretty "China Rain" actually is. :D

    @Kenzie - I was going to just do a "coral" post with the blush and polish but, I really like the lip gloss too. :]

    @Rainy Days and Lattes - It is! I'm glad I picked one up for myself. Aw, thank youu~ ♥

    @sugar sugar - Aw thank youu dear!

    @amynaree - It is~ I like it a lot. :]

    @DeyiMizu - Thanks. ^^

    @Amyboo - Yes! Try one of these if you get the chance. :D

    @milk overdose - Ah really? Nicee!! :D

    @Mandy - I'm loving the peachy/coral-y blushes now. :] Ah, hopefully you can find it. I think it's a pretty old color.

    @galpal.hi - Aw, you haven't? They're worth the try since their prices are so cheap and affordable. I haven't checked out much of Sonia Kashuk...but I do have one eyeshadow duo from her. I've always wanted to try her brushes but that section is always wiped out when I get to it. =[

    It is! I think many have said it to be a dupe of NARS Orgasm. :]
    Aw, thank you!!

  13. That is a gorgeous nail color, and it looks good on you (:

  14. like the nail color a lot <3 spring is here already!

  15. @FOREVER '92 - Aww, thank you. :D

    @Jennifer - Me too! Aw yay! We're finally getting some nice spring weather here as well. Woohoo~!

  16. I have the same blush and I don't really like it. It doesn't seem to show up on my skin :(

  17. @EveryDay Makeup blog - Aww, that's too bad. =[ I guess your WnW one is the better option...which I too will try one day. hehe

  18. The polish is a really nice shade - quite unusual! But very summery :D

  19. Wow the E.L.F. studio blush in #83133 "Candid Coral"  reminds me of Nars orgasm!