Feature: Happy One Month!

I'm a day late but yesterday marked my blog's one month anniversary!

It's not that big of a "milestone", but I've come to really love the blogger community even if it's only been a short time. As cliche as this may sound, I really didn't think any one would read my little blog as I barely knew how to make a post. But now, it feels wonderful to know that what I write here has some kind of connection and following with my fellow readers. To my followers/commenters and even the silent readers - I love blogging and I think I've come to find a communal space as well as a private one to call my own. ^^

Niles, our new kitten (I think he's 6-8 weeks old?) and I THANK YOU VERY KAMSA!
Until next time, じゃね〜!!
(I can't believe my spring break's practically over...wahh.)

Enjoy your weekends, loves!

22 comments on "Feature: Happy One Month!"
  1. aweee!! HAPPY ONE MONTH!!! :) Keep blogging!! <3 It's such a pleasure to meet new bloggers here in the blogging community!!

  2. Happy 1 month!! :D Blogging will be super fun!

  3. KITTY how cute~ i love it :)

  4. Yayyyy! Happy First Month blogging! Your blog is such a joy to read <3 The kitty is adorable!!

  5. happy monthsarry to your blog! :3 niles is sooo adorable!

  6. keep ur passion of blogging =D! xx

    and niles is so cute ♥ always think it would be so good if kitty n puppy never grew up >_<

  7. And that's the spirit of blogging!
    Keep them posting :)
    Awwww you and your cat looks so adorable!
    I wish I had a cat or a kitten..


  8. Happy one month girl!!
    Your little kitten is adorable. <3

  9. Happy 1 month milestone! (I remember my first blogger month - a couple of months ago xD)

    Your kitten is so, so cute!

  10. Happy 1-month blog-anniversary! Awww we look forward to more posts from you :D
    Keep blogging!

  11. @Iyah - Thank you!! I most definitely will keep blogging. This community s so friendly...i couldn't see myself leaving. ^^ (Thanks for stopping by~ I love your blog!)

    @Rainy Days and Lattes - Senkuuu! It most definitely will be fun!

    @Mie - Hehe. Yes, he is cute...sometimes. ;]

    @♥PopBlush♥ - :D Thanks~!

    @Dinorah ♥ - Thank you, Dinorah dear!! Aww, that means a lot~ :D I love your posts tooo~ <3

    @sugar sugar - Thank you bb! Hehe, don't let his looks fool you. ;]

    @♥ Pixie D ♥ - Aw, I will definitely continue blogging. I love it lots. :] Ah, I know what you mean. I have 3 other dogs and I wish they all could stay small.

    @Ice Pandora - YAY! I will continue as far as my mind takes me. :D Thank youu~ you should get a kitty! I was so against getting Niles at the beginning, but he grew on me.

    @Kenzie - Thank youuu bb! :D

    @DeyiMizu - Thank you!!! ^^

    @25FLONDON - HI THERE! :] Ah, happy belated 1 month to your bloggy. (It's one of my favs~ ^^) Thank you!! :]

    @Joey - THANK YOU MY DEAR!! Aww *tear* you're so sweet. I will definitely continue. Woo! ^^

  12. happy anniversary! can't wait to read more posts from ya!! :)

  13. Niles is sooo cute!!! Happy anniversary

  14. Uwaaa!!! Look at how cute your kitten is! I love orange tabby cats.


  15. @galpal.hi - hehe, thank you. ^^

  16. @galpal.hi - hehe, thank you. ^^

  17. aweee!! HAPPY ONE MONTH!!! :) Keep blogging!! <3 It's such a pleasure to meet new bloggers here in the blogging community!!