Feature: My (slight) fetish for Japanese magazines.

Hi guys ♥ I had a pretty productive day today~ went to Walmart with my mom!! Got a few things there, but my mom paid. heh.

For today's post, I wanted to write about something different; something that interests me.


Their fashion and make-up spreads make me go all oogly eyed because everything is so kawaii! My style is no where near as fashionable as these girls', but I love getting ideas and seeing how their fashion world revolves. Another reason why I love Japanese magazines is that they often come with a cute little freebie - little tote or coin time I got a Coach poppy journal and another time I got a slippers. They really cater to their readers, and I love that!

I was able to visit Japan during the summer of 2009, and I got to experience how amazing the fashion areas of Tokyo (Ginza, Shibuya) and Osaka were. Department stores with 3,4,5 levels, and within them, tons of smaller boutique type stores. SUGOI! And, the summer time actually turns out to be one of their biggest sale seasons of the year. SCORE. I wish I would've done more shopping though...but there's always next time. ♥

I remember during my junior high/high school days, I would love reading and subscribing to ELLE girl, Seventeen Magazine, TEEN magazine, etc. I was pretty much a magazine junkie. haha. Now that I'm in my 20s, I haven't really gotten into VOGUE, ELLE, or other American magazines since their style doesn't seem to fit me as I have drifted and stuck to my Japanese mags. Don't get me wrong though, the fashion spreads and ads I see in those mags are flipping gorgeous!

But yes, with my limited Japanese (4 quarters in college), I can get by in reading here and there if I really try. hehe. Yes, I'm half Japanese but, I fail with the language. :3

Anyways, my magazine collection has ceased at the moment since I'm not as close to a Japanese market that carries these types of magazine, but honestly...I always find something new when flipping through the ones I currently have, so it's all good. :]

So, I'm curious...Do you guys read any fashion magazines? Or even online?
The world of journalism and fashion is exciting and endless
with new trends forming and old trends retrending.

But, you know, it's not always about what's "in", but what interests you
and makes you, you. Now THAT is style (or swag if you'd prefer!)

Thank you for reading!!
I'm off to watch "The Adjustment Bureau." Hopefully it's good?
15 comments on "Feature: My (slight) fetish for Japanese magazines."
  1. Who needs to be able to read them, they have pictures!!! Isn't that what we are all really interested in anyways? Hehe

  2. I like the magazines, EGG, KERA, AGEHA...
    Im usually more updated online than with purchasing magazines

  3. Haha I always just look at the pictures when I'm reading them at the Asian hair salons. That's so cool how they have such good freebies you can redeem - I wish more American magazines did that >.<

  4. I LOOOVE browsing through Japanese Fashion mags.. They are so fun and great eye candy! ;P

  5. I am the same! I love Japanese mags but they are so expensive to keep a subscription! Even to buy one but they have much more content interesting to me rather than Elle and Vogue. Elle has ALL ads! Half their mag is full of ads and other junk. The ads are beautiful but I would love to see makeup tips and/or fashion or skincare! :p

  6. I really like he magazine Shoxx and Cure. They are the Jrock magazines. Very cool!

  7. i love japanese magazines, mainly because they are so versatile and imspirational. In comparison to western fashion magazines, they have "in" styles for every type of girl, whether it be gyaru or loud chic. I especially like their detailed tutorials also, japanese mags FTW! ^0^ x

  8. I think Japanese magazines are fab!:D I should 'read' more.;D

    ***** Marie *****

  9. ♥Love your blog♥

  10. omg, I LOVE Japanese fashion magazines too! ViVi is my favorite. I just love how it's loaded with tons of photos and amazing outfits!


  11. @Kenzie - YES! Most of the time. heheh. But it definitely works for foreign mags!

    @Mie - Ah, I've heard a of KERA. I should do some more magazine scan research online. ^^

    @Rinny - Oh, me too! I love looking at them at the salons too since they have a greater variety. hehe. I KNOW, RIGHT?! That's a major plus right there.

    @♥PopBlush♥ - Couldn't agree with you more~ :D

    @Rainy Days and Lattes - I know what you mean! The overseas fees on Japanese magazines are really expensive...but I guess when you look at the bigger picture, it's worth it. ^^ Ah yah~ those magazines have a whole lot of ads! Same here, but actually...I found out that "Glamour" magazine is pretty helpful with fashion and skin care! :]

    @Yami - Ah, cool! I haven't heard of those magazines...but I know of Pati Pati and Arena37?

    @TINGkabelle CHAN ♥ - I COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF. Yes, I'm glad we're on the same page with j-mags. :D

    @Marie - hehehe, you and I both. ;] I should brush up on my nihongo..

    @Sassi - Thank you!!

    @Mary ♥ Mur - Aw, thank you! That truly means a lot to me. :]

    @Sherry - YAYYY! Another fellow j-mag lover. ♥ I like ViVi too! I swear, their fashion is so great. I could flip through them for hours. XD

  12. Omg, I absolutely LOVE Japanese magazines! I look (can't read Japanese) at Vivi, Cawaii, Popteen and Popsister. Actually, I like any that I can get my hands on at a reasonable price. There are SO frigging expensive here in the UK, though, it's crazy! I try getting second hand ones because I find that the fashion can still be on trend several years later.

  13. i'm addictedt o japanese magazines too :p it's all about the pictures! however i don't know where to buy them where i live so i'm glad there are people who share them like eki who scans them :)

  14. @Joey - Ah yes! There are stores here in the states called "Book Off" which are Japanese second hand stores that sell books, mags, music, and movies. I love looking at their magazine section because I couldn't agree with you more...trends are everlasting. :]

    @Mandy - The pictures are soo cute~ ah yes, Eki's scans are awesome. :D I enjoy looking at them too.