It's hump day! :]

Hello there! Hope everyone's weeks have been going well. Glad you all enjoyed my little post on The Face Shop Cleansing Bar! Every time I use it, it's like a breath of fresh air. I will say it smells divine!

Ok, ok, back to this post. The weather here has finally stooped to colder temperatures, but still with the bright warm sunshine peeping through. After recovering from the crazy winds we had last week (mother nature falling and electricity blow outs), everyone seems to be readjusting well. As for me, I'm still on that job hunt! I've been slowing it down this past week though. Hoping for it to pick up soon!

Here's my simple outfit I wore this past Saturday for work and for a girl's dinner night out. Simple white top, skinnys, a navy blazer from Uniqlo (I wish we had a location on the west coast!), and my new boots (though you can't tell...). Lately I've been trying to mix and match items in my closet to create new outfits. Challenging...but fun! And it saves me money. hah. I curled my hair as well! Yay to instant volume!

And double yay for mail received during this time of year!

My bloggie friend, Jian, was so kind and sweet to send me a little package and I received it a few days ago.

The note and card were both so cute! Included were 2 chocolates (one which I long before gobbled up prior to taking this picture) a Sleek Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac, and a Rimmel Glam'Eyes HD quad. And she was right! These quads aren't available here in the US. Excited to try both things out.

Please check out her blog, Pinkfish Tart, if you haven't done so already! She's super sweet, and is actually one of the ones who got the NARS Danmari palette after reading my post on it. ;]

I took advantage of Milani's Cyber Monday sale! 50% everything AND with free shipping! But dang, I said I wouldn't buy anything for myself...and look what happened. :3 Oh well. I'm happy. heh. It'll be my first time trying out Milani products, so we'll see!

Tomorrow, I will be attending an event called Shecky's "Girls Night Out". There will be vendors (no make-up though, boo!) and drinks and a whole bunch of other..girls. Should be quite an experience! Oh, and our ticket comes with a goody bag. Looking forward to it.

Alrighty. I will end this hump day post with a song that I just discovered last night.

Definitely some feel good music. ♡
22 comments on "It's hump day! :]"
  1. Yay GNO! :D  I didn't know Milani had a sale!  I want to try some of their day.  Hope to see a review from you, so I know what to get~! ^^

  2. the sleek make up products are really great! Your outfit looks super cute too, I  love your jacket. 

  3. Awww I love your outfit! And yayyyy for curled hair! <3 I take so long to do mine cos I have so many different layers I rarely do it. It literally takes hour. T.T

    I'm glad you received the package safe and sound! ^^ I got you the glam eyes palette cos it's SO FREAKIN' PIGMENTED!!! I was really shocked when I swatched it! I hope you like it! Green is one of my favourite eye colours to work with. Well I lie, I actually usually stick to browns, but if I am going to do something with colour green is always something I go for! I think it makes our brown eyes pop! :D

    Ive never tried anything by milani either so will be very interested to hear what you think of it!

    Have a great day tomorrow (today for me). Sounds pretty fun! Be sure to take photos to show us!

  4. YOu are so cute!!! I love the outift and that jian is a generous lovely person!

  5. Isn't that Rimmel eyeshadow cute?! I totally MADE my friends in the UK buy me 2 of them xD
    Good luck with the job hunt!!

  6. You look pretty and the eyeshadows looks awesome! Your Portrait Giveaway

  7. Aw, thank you. ^^ Can't wait to try it out~ 

  8. It's the cutest! Such an intricate little pattern using the British flag. HAHA. Love your emphasis on MADE. XD
    Thank you!!

  9. Thank youuuu! My hair is sooo long now so it takes me a really long time (or maybe it just feels long since I can be quite impatient :3). I bet you'd look super cute with curls in your hair!

    I was so happy upon receiving!! I hope you get my package soon!! I forgot to mention it as a Christmas/bday gift from me in the card...^^. Ahhh~ can't wait to try! And btw, you guys get to test out/swatch drugstore make-up right? -sigh- I wish we could do that here in the states. =[ Would make trying things so much easier. Yes! I think green does make out little brown eyes pop! Will do a post on this quad soon! The packaging is seriously adorable.

    Will try and take lots of pictures!! ^^

  10. I love them!!! XD The quality is fantastic. Awww~ thank you dear!!

  11. Woohoo! Looking forward to it. :D Will do a review soon~!!! See you later...heh heh.

  12. i wish we have a uniqlo here too. you'll like milani eyeliners ^_^

  13. Aww what a sweet package to receive! <3

  14. Jian is super sweet!!

    I'm jelly with the black cyber sale going on everywhere in the US - nice haul!!

  15. There's one supposedly opening up next year in CA. I'm excited. ^^ I already had the black one and liked it a lot~ now I have almost all of them. :D

  16. She is!! ^^

    Aww. Better for you to save money! :D but thank you ^^

  17. Yay for new boots! Cute outfit. I really like your blazer. Wish I could wear mine more often, but it's freezing cold now.
    Nice gifts from Jian. Those Kate for Rimmel palettes are soooo pretty. I won't use them (I'm lousy at makeup), but was so tempted to buy them just to look at them haha
    Hope you had fun at the event!

  18. I ordered from Milani's Cyber Monday sale too!
    I didn't realise that the package arrived already. I'll have to check the post office to see if mine has come yet. Yay! I picked up Milani Liquif'eye liners (black & brown) and the Luminoso baked blush -- did you get that blush too? Because of the great prices, I also picked of their felt-tipped eyeliner and one of their liquid eyeliners (with a brush) just to try.

  19. Ooh! YES I did get the Luminoso baked blush! :D I haven't tried out my purchases yet...but I'm quite excited. to. :D Looks like you got quite a haul too. Yay!

  20. Aw, thank you! ^^ It's getting a little colder here (we're so used to the sun here in LA..heh), but it definitely can't compare to the weather where you are! Please keep warm!!

    Ah~ I had no idea they were part of the Kate for Rimmel collection. Would love to see you wear some pretty colors on your eyes though. ;]

    Will post about the event soon!