Homemade Banana Nut Bread (+ a surprise?)

Greetings! I have a new type of post to share with you guys today, and yes~ it involves some holiday baking! During this time of year, my mom and I have always had the tradition of baking cookies for Santa for d-day of Christmas Eve along with a full glass of milk soon after being read "T'was a Night Before Christmas" (usually narrated by Mr Kris Kringle aka. my dad). It seemed to work every year though, as I would always wake to wonderful presents sitting anxiously under the tree just waiting to be opened! I can clearing remember, and my mom will never forget, when I actually woke up at 5am, checking the living room/fireplace are, running to my mom's room yelling "HE CAME! HE CAME!" The tradition continued throughout the years when my brother and sister had become part of my lives. Guess who became Mrs. Kris Kringle?

Now that my siblings have grown (13 years OLD to be exact), Christmas has turned into a day of happiness and giving. In preparation for the 25th (in 4 days!), my mom gave me the "honor" of baking all the goods for both our little luncheon as well as bringing some to work. What challenge was I about to take on? Banana nut bread and chocolate cookies!

Banana nut bread has been my mom's specialty and for me to take over the reigns, I right away feared a burnt bread pan. I was chatting with both Kat & Jian during my attempt...and they assured me that I'd do fine....... ^^' *breathe in ⋄ breathe out*

Hm, let's see how it turned out!

Banana Nut Bread

1/2 cup of butter (amounting to 1 stick; shortening or margarine works too)
1 cup of sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup of walnuts
5 over ripened bananas *** (regular bananas are ok too)
2 cups of flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt


Preheat oven to 350°F.

And then gather all ingredients. Let's do this!

Make sure you get a bag of CHOPPED walnuts, otherwise you'll have to break them apart to little pieces yourself. Any brand of semi-sweet chocolates will do, too! ^^

Mix together the butter (softened after 30 sec. in microwave), sugar, eggs, and nuts.

Should look something like this. YUM.

The key to super moist banana nut bread is the bananas! Though this may looks kind of gross, trust me on this one. So, if ever you have a banana that looks like it's too ripe to eat from the peel, throw 'em in the freezer to save them to make yourself some warm banana nut bread.

The good (slimy) stuff.

Didn't have enough overly ripened banaas, so regular bananas will just have to do.

Sift together: flour, baking soda, and salt. Our sifter looks quite ancient Works perfectly fine though.

Add all 5 bananas to the mixture. I broke each banana up with my hands just to make it easier for mashing. Just like mashed potatoes, mash those bananas and mix it well!

Get your bread loaf pan and prep it well with a light amount of butter and flour to ensure that it comes out clean.

Pour it all in~ I shook it intensely to get it to an even Shake 'n bake?

Pop it into the oven for 1hr-1hr15min. The longer time turned out to be best for our oven at home. Just make sure you continuously make sure that it 1.) isn't overcook; 2.) burn by checking it with a tooth pick. (There are two loaves since my mom is taking one to work, so I just doubled all the ingredients.)

After the patient waiting and/or distractions, take your loaf out. Let it cool, and it's ready to be served!

And don't forget the most important step of all! ENJOY. Mmmmm~

I also successfully made chocolate chip cookies! This recipe was really simple as well! I didn't take pictures of the process of this one though...darn it! But, if you guys are interested in this one...I'll make note of it. ^^

I've been inspired by my fellow bloggers who have done great posts on foodies that I still want to try!:
D and her "Crustless Cranberry Pie"
Jian and her "Chicken, Leek, and Bacon Pie"
Tiffany and her "Light Ver.: Lemon Pound Cake"
Yumeko and her "Key Lime Pie"

...and if you have a recipe post, please link me! I'd love to try it out. :D

I hope you all enjoyed this post of banana nut bread! I encourage all of you to try it~ especially with the  over-ripened bananas. It really does the trick. :D If you have any questions, let me know in the comments! Happy Baking!

And on to the SURPRISE! 


Our new family additions. ♡ Upcoming post on these babies...SOON! 
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  1. ok 2 words: yum & cuteeeee! congrats on the new addition to your family! xx

    enter my giveaway to win a jewelmint / stylemint piece of your choice! 

  2. Yay for holiday baking ^^ I'm so into aswell, i've made pudding - my recipe it's on my post!
    Is this texture of the bread cakey or airy/bread alike? :o


  3. I've never tried making banana bread before and your recipe is very easy to follow so I will give it a try. I actually baked some Betty Crocker Rainbow cookies earlier and it made the whole apt smell delicious!

    It's also nice to know about your family tradition. When Kiko and I start a family, we went to create our own Christmas tradition too :)

  4. looks amazing!!! I'm going to bake some gingerbread men this weekend :D Can't wait.. they are practically non-existent in Japan haha. Oh ryc - I haven't any special plans for xmas - just spending time with family in japan and obvious a quick xmas drink with friends tmrw :D

  5. Aw look at those two cutie pies.  ;D  Omg banana nut bread and choc chip cookies are sooo good.  You did an amazing job!

  6. wow this looks delicious, haha I love anything with banana in it!

  7. That looks so yummy :D

    I have yet to try baking banana bread myself yet. AND those kittens looks SO ADORABLE!! xD


  8. mmmm banana nut bread! that looks delicious! yumm

  9. Hiya!  :)

    I bought a little something at Sephora but not sure if I am going to keep it.  It's the cleansing spa water from Koh Gen Do.  I noticed afterwards that it has lavender extract which hasn't always agreed with my skin.  :(

  10. yummyyyyy!!! but omg i had no idea banana peels turn THAT black when u put them in the freezer hahahaha

    ughhh i've been super failing. i have not baked anything from scratch since thanksgiving! AHHHH!!! hope i'll find time tmrw >.< hehehe thanks for linking my pie lol

  11. Hehe. Thank youu~ they've been keeping me happy. Such good company. ^^

  12. Awww, what a cute little video slide show of your recipe!!! I want to try yours out too! Looks delicioussss. :D

  13. Let me know how it turns out!! :D Ooooh~ I love the smell of baked goods. Definitely gets the taste buds working overtime. haha.

    Aww, I'm sure you and Kiko will have many family traditions in the near future! 

  14. Awww~ post a recipe if you can! I've always been curious on how to make good gingerbread...since all I see here are the ready made kind. :3 

    What a wonderful Christmas celebration you have coming up this weekend!! Have fun. ^^

  15. Haha. Me too! The fresh banana scent was so potent already when mashing them all up. I wanted to eat the mix before I even put it in the over to bake. lol. :3

  16. Aw, if you even want to try...please try this recipe out and let me know how it turns out. ^^

    Hehe~ thank you! They've been great company. :]

  17. Oooh~ maybe try a little bit of it? But if your skin really reacted badly to it, you can return it without any problems. ^^

  18. LOL. SUPER BLACK, right? A bit scary...

    I hope you find your bread pudding ingredients tomorrow!! Fight those crowds! jk...I'm sure it won't be too bad. haha. You're welcome. I do really want to try making it though. XD

  19. OHHHHH!! your banana bread pudding looks SOOO GOOOD OMGOSH haha.

    OMGGGGGGGGGG YOUR NEW FUR BABIES ARE ADORABLE!! congrats congrats!! merry christmas sweetie!!

  20. YUUMMM! I love banana bread!
    I don't usually bake, or go near the kitchen much, but Christmas is the only time of the year where I will make the effort and try to bake something!

  21. oh yummy! :) your banana bread looks really yums and moist!! :) merry christmas!!

    your kittycats are sooo cute! awwwwwww...


  22. i really dislike the taste of bananas. the texture is just so ....squishy. but i made banana bread for the first time years ago in highschool and i LOVED IT! used "rotten" black bananas like yours too haha!

  23. i also forgot to mention i finished the walking dead last week! being a fan of l4d2 i enjoyed it :) can't wait for new episodes!

  24. Hehe. Try it some day! ^^

    keke. Thank you dear!! Merry Christmas to you too!! <3

  25. YESSS! *high5* I'm the same...though this year, I feel a little more inspired to bake more! ;]

  26. Merry Christmas to you too! ^^

    hehe, thanks! ;]

  27. HAHA! Wooot! "Rotten" ftw! :D They really do make a difference in the bead's texture. XD

  28. YAY!!!!!! haha. Glenn! ;] I still gotta finish the eps up to the mid-season finaled for S2~ 

  29. Omg , the cookies & bread looks ahhmaayyzinggg <3 Note about the cookies! They look like the ones my math teacher brought for our class (; The baby kittens are so adorableeeeee. Can't wait to read about your next post!

  30. Mmmm I love banana bread and this looks great although those over ripe bananas looks really disgusting haha

  31. This looks sooooo YUMMY!! great job at baking and food photography! ^_^

    followed your blog doll!



  32. Oh I love banana bread. I have only started baking quite recetly but never made this I would do so now using your recipe.It looks so delicous. tHANKS FOR SHARING :)

    I'm a fellow asian and i have a beauty blog over at It would mean so much to me if you can visit and follow if you like what you see.I would gladly return the favor asap. Thanks in advance ;)

  33. Wow you are such a baker! 
    I gotta stop baking from those baking mixes LOL

  34. Aww thank youu!! :D The cookies were pretty darn good if I might say myself. XD

    Hehe. The kitties are getting so big so fast! 

  35. LOL. I know right? But it's a key ingredient to have for super moist bread! 

  36. Haha. Not as much as I'd like to be! XD It's actually not as hard as you think~ heh heh.