Hello there! I'm back with an official "comeback" post! I've really missed the blogging/blogger world while I was away. =[ With the lack of writing and blog post readings from all those whom I follow...I felt so distanced! But, I'm back and I hope to be updating as often as I was prior to my little hiatus. Hope you all have been doing well!!

Let's see...where shall I begin? ISA!

Water girl? lol. FM in the back!

I've been volunteering at the annual ISA concerts since 2011, but this year's was HUGE! Despite the hectic and confusion, I had a great time. Reuniting with friends from the Bay, meeting new people, experiencing "diva-ness" from B.o.B. *shakesfist*, and just having a great time overall was what made it all worth it. I enjoyed the busy-ness of that whole week/weekend. It felt good having to do something every day. :P Until next time!!

Working hard! I really like my hair here...

Always smiling, even at the end of the day.

Here's a more detailed recap I wrote for 4CTHEPOWER: Click here

And now, on to food! I finally got around to trying "UMAMI"!

My friend and I split the Umami burger as well as the Truffle burger. Truffle burger was my favorite, hands down. "Smushed" potatoes are in the back. We originally wanted the "cheesy tots", but when this came out, we figured we'd try it.

Turns out that our waiter brought out the cheesy tots at no charge. Woot!

The UMAMI stamp on the buns.

I didn't do much shopping that day. Just went along looking at expensive brands with my friend. She keeps mentioning the LV wallet that she wants (red one on the far left) as I went along and just looked. lol. I think she'll be settling for a burberry one though, which is around 1/4 of the price. LOL.

I did buy this new HK case for me new phone!! Isn't it cute? ;]

And here's two more pics to end this post..

First Press JYJ album! ♡ It's so pretty...and big.

I tried out a "smokey" eye look last night for fun before I took a shower. I really liked the way it turned out and everyone whom I've shared this picture with has given me good feedback about it.

WnW palette in "Lust", Sleek blush in "Rose Gold" (can't really see), and MAC Dazzle Glass in "It's a Girl"

I have plenty of more review/beauty posts to come! But I shall end this one for now. ♡ Time to do some blog reading!!

New Far East Movement song "JELLO" off their upcoming sophomore album!!
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  1. Nice to see you back! I love your makeup~~ Smokey looks rock!

  2. I love love love your hair!! Glad to have you back!:)

  3. YAYY!!!! you're back! missed you XD 

    your hair is so pretty!! and yayyyy u got your jyj album. i always just buy albums & the cds never get used. i dont think i can remember the last time i played a CD! LOL i just buy to spazz at the pix inside. love your smokey eye look!!! and omg i totally play around w makeup right before i shower too hahahhaaha 

  4. Yay! you're back! missed your post and OMG your whole food porn pictures just made me sooooooooo hungry for burgers and all those sides! -__-" I love mushrooms so that Unami burger would be just perfect! and i love the blush your using.. to bad we don't have sleek in the U.S. :(

    welcome back!


  5. Finally you're come back!! I missed your posts...that burguer looks delicious! Aaaaaand, you look awesome in the first pic of the post, I like the way you smile in each look so friendly! ^^

  6. You've been a busy girl! I like your hair in that picture too and mmmm... burger looks delicious!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. Umami Burger!!! ;D
    They just opened up a new location in San Francisco & I can't wait to try it it's just always so crowded & I don't really like waiting in long lines for food. lol

    <3, Dana

  8. Omg, i love Umami burger! I went there last month or something when I was in LA!!! It was delish! And welcome back!!

  9. OMG no way! I've been wanting to eat at Umami. All my co workers says it
    such a good burger place. Lucky!!! 

    And I like your hair too in that photo. Your hair is so long and pretty!

  10. Mmm that umami burger looks so good! And I like the smoky eye look. Am jealous you got to see FM live... I always regret not going to their concert when they were in Vancouver.

  11. oh, the food looks delicious (: 
    nice make up !! (:

    CMPang x

  12. OMG... Burgers look so good! Looks like you had a great time dear!

  13. This is such a great blog post! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Thank you so much for reading. <3

  15. It was indeed yummy! :] Thank you!

  16. I really enjoyed the truffle one. :D Thank you! Ah, you should definitely go see them the next time around. :]

  17. Becky!! You should totally go and try it. ;D

    Thank you!! I's getting super long. It's the longest I've had it in a very long time.

  18. Ah! You should totally try it one of these days. Ah yeah...I know what you mean with the lines. haha. -sigh- What we all do for some good food.

  19. Very busy! But...not any more. lol. Aw, thank you! :] hehe...yes! You should try Umami if you haven't already~

  20. Aww, thank you my dear! <3 hehe. I enjoy smiling as much as I can...^^

  21. Aww, thank you so much! <3 LOL. The burger was so yummyyyy! You should definitely try Umami if ever you're in the LA area. :D

    Thank you! I know...such a bummer. Sleek has such nice quality items for good prices too!

  22. And I've missed you! <3

    Aw, thank youu! :D lol. Yeahh...I have a pretty HUGE collection of DBSK/Tohoshinki/JYJ, Big Bang...and uh..more from like Se7en, Fly to the Sky, FT Island, Super Junior...yeah. XD So bad. Thank youu <3 hehe. Haven't played around since then...but I should! ;]

  23. love umani! ... and i was actually at the ISA concert too to support far east movement!


  24. Ooh, you did? Maybe you saw a bunch of us volunteers running around. heh heh. Hope you had a great time!