FOTD: No flash photography!

Hello! Thursdays are my "Fridays" when it comes to summer school, so happy early Friday + weekend! :D Another weekend to look forward to before I start school back again on Monday along with my other class that I have to drive far to. Meh. Not too excited about that...but gotta finish. I'm almost there! ^^

Anyways, youtube has become quite an interesting "time waster" of mine (ok, not a total time waster...) as I enjoy watching various tutorials of different make-up looks and I've always wondered how girls take the time out to do all of that and make it flow! It amazes me...I think that's why I'm so intrigued to watch them. SO! I've been thinking of trying out a video tutorial and came up with a look today:

First time posting such a up close picture w/o flash. Excuse my enlarged pores. :3
Yes, this is as real as it's gonna get. haha.

I took out my 3 Rock & Republic eyeshadows that I purchased from Hautelook a few months ago and decided to do a look with all three. I really like the result as I tried different things and added more liners to the look. My mom said she liked it, and I liked it as well. ^^ A very subtle smokey eye that can be worn during the day and can be darkened for a night time look. I paired it with my L'oreal colour riche lipstick in "Peach Fuzz" and since I think this color is a bit to orangey, I topped it with a pink/peach lipgloss by E.LF.

Thumbs up for a possible video tutorial? :D

And for the boys in the back! Extra points if you know who they are. :P

Let me know what you guys think. ^^ Might try it out tomorrow. I'll have to figure out how I'm gonna do it...but I'm excited. heh. Oh yes, and I just received my Nordstrom package (which I haven't opened yet~). Upcoming post on that soon as well!

(Oh yeah, and there's a new palette that I'm lemming for and it's not the UD 15th anni one...WANT!!!!)
24 comments on "FOTD: No flash photography!"
  1. you're brave!  i have not yet come around and feel comfortable filming an actual video :p  even with some many people saying i should :p  Can't do it..... not comfortable yet i guess.  however if you're ready go for it!  :)
    Super Junior!!!  *drools* i'm so old but i still like them :p hahaha

  2. yt has been a big reason for my  procrastinating LOL you look great!
    SUPER JUNIOR!!! woot woot 

  3. Lovely lip color! I love orange lips!~

  4. nice makeup in the eyes! great! 
    you know i was watching some makeup vid son youtube yesterday
    about asians transforming
    omg!! have you seen those ?

    visit me!

  5. superrr juniorrr! 

    i'm lemming for that palette too! *-* i think i want that more than the ud 15th anniversary one.  let's go check it out! hehe ^^;;

  6. i really like this soft smokey neutral look!

  7. Yes! I reckon you should do a video tutorial ^_^

  8. super junior! I do love them so! :D 
    you look really lovely in those pics xoxo

  9. you look great in these shots, I'm a fan of R&R eyeshadows too, but I loveeee their jeans!

  10. Aww, you should totally try and do one. :] 

    Hehe. I'm old too...but they're still cool. :p

  11. Aw, thank youu! :D
    hehe~ WOOOT! You got it!

  12. Thanks! :D Really adds a nice pop of color. hehe

  13. Thank you!
    Ooh...Asians transforming? I haven't...

  14. hehe

    Dude! It's soo pretty and soo soft. I swatched them and they glide on like silk. WANT.

  15. Yay!! SUJU FTW! :D

    Aw, thank youu~

  16. Aw, thank youu! <3

    Gah, I wanna try their jeans some day...