Life: Annyeong. ^^

Hi guys! It's been a while since I've posted an update here...been so M.I.A....gomen! I've been reading my blogger dashboard but haven't been commenting so...hopefully I'll catch up with all of you soon. ♥ I've been in a weird mood this past week and I think it's mainly to do with school. I am enjoying my days off but, my Tuesdays and Thursdays are killer. BLAH. And the news of the Japan aftershock from this morning put my mood down a bit further. =[

Anyways, I'll be heading to the BAY AREAAAA tomorrow until Monday to celebrate a friend's birthday. I know it's gonna be cold (probably a lot colder than LA right now...) so I'll have to pack accordingly. If you have any suggestions of what I should bring, feel free to suggest! Gah, I fee like I have so much to do before tomorrow. Aiyah!

Until...possibly next week? じゃね〜!

(I'm not sure if I'll be able to blog while I'm over there but, you guys can follow me on twitter (click here) if you'd like. ^^)

4 comments on "Life: Annyeong. ^^"
  1. Have fun and happy b-day to your friend!

  2. Happy Birthday to your friend and have fun! I know what you mean about not being in a blogging mood. I've been finding it a little difficult to get inspired about what to post. I hope that after taxes are done and over with I'll get back into the swing of things.


  3. enjoy your trip! do take pictures so you can share the pics with us. happy birthday to your friend too! :D