FOTD: Oh there they are!

Hello lovelies~ it's FRIDAY! :] I'm still waiting on word from my friend who's picking me up so, I thought I'd post another entry before leaving for norcal. ^^

Today, I did all of my last minute packing. We're only staying until Sunday but, I seriously felt like I was packing for a whole week! It wasn't really my clothes that I had a hard time with, but it was my make-up and all my other necessities. Aish. I'm pretty much all ready to go, but I better recheck everything just in case...

Anyways! I decided TODAY (though I'm YEARS long overdue), to get my eyebrows shaped. To be honest, I never really cared about my eyebrows until just recently. I don't know, but I thought they were fine. :3 But yes, just recently...I realized, "Hm, I think I should give my brows some shaping and actually have them appear on my face." Originally, my brows were all over the place; thicker in some places and quite sparse all around.

SO, I went to my local mall's ZiBA and tried out threading. DUDE, IT HURT! lol. Well, I knew it was going to hurt...whether I was going to have them waxed or threaded, but OH MY GOODNESS. Being a super noob, I actually teared a bit while she was doing it. lol. I liked how they came out though. ^^ She filled them in and did some highlighting but...I late smudged it all out since I didn't like how they looked SUPER defined (but that's just me~).

My mom was even like, "OMG! So much better! You can actually see you have eyebrows!" lol
(You can even see redness around my brows...oh my~)

Have you guys ever experienced threading before?
Was your first time as painful as mine? :P

Rimmel London 25hr foundation in "Warm Ivory"
Physicians Formula Rx concealer in fair/light
ELF bronzer in "Sun Kissed"

Physician's Formula Happy Booster in "Natural"

Wet 'N Wild color trio in "Lust"
Physician's Formula Eye Booster in "Ultra Black"
Smashbox limitless eyeliner in "Onyx"

Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm (I LOVE THIS STUFF!)
Rimmel London's Lasting Finish lipstick in 252 "CRUSH"

Alrighty, I should finalize my packing.
I'll catch you guys later! ♥

15 comments on "FOTD: Oh there they are!"
  1. For me it only hurts when they do the area under the eyebrow closest to my eyelid. I love threading though because it is so much better than getting my eyebrows waxed!

  2. My first threading experience hurt like **** Haha seriously, it was terrible. I never knew I had such a low threshold of pain, well, I knew that day. I wasn't crying, but like you said, the tears just come flowing out.
    Yours look lovely here, though I can't remember how it used to look. Don't think it was too messy, otherwise I'd have noticed

  3. I remember when I first had them threaded. It does hurt! My mom was laughing because I was tearing up so much. With waxing, it's more painful but it ends quickly. With threading, it's a less intense pain, but it feels like forever...

    They turned out well though! Better than mine.. My eyebrows looked like Maleficent's from Sleeping Beauty. :P

  4. Blah! I wrote a long comment about my 1st threading experience & stupid Blogger had a server error, so my comment was never published! Stupid crap.

    Anyway, enjoy your weekend up north! My bf's currently there & it was raining & has been cold, haha!

  5. Aw you look super cute!
    I've never had my eyebrows threaded,actually I have never had them done at all. I just pluck them, but I have very defined brows so it works out better for me to pluck them.

  6. i haven't tried threading! waxing is my alternative :)

  7. It looks really nice! I've never done waxing or threading and don't think that I ever will. Unfortunately I have very sparse eyebrows. Yours are really lovely!


  8. your mum's is funny with her comment :p
    The eyebrows look nice :) having shaped eyebrows actually fram your face and eyes. Dont' worry i teared the first time i got my eyebrows done :p
    If you plan to do it yourself... like pluck them then a little tip. Put a cold pack over it or a cold towel before plucking. It'll hurt less :D

  9. aww! I tread or pluck my own and it hurst like a &%*£@ :P

    I do love a super defined brow tho so i guess its necessary...yours look lovely xoxo

  10. Ive never threaded before but Ive heard mixed reactions - for some it hurt but for some aparently not!

    Love your FOTD :)

  11. I'm thinking of having mine shaped too :/ My brows are a mess! Haha

  12. I've never had mine threaded but I always tweeze them myself every once in awhile. They do look a little too defined, but they look great :D Once the hairs start growing in again it will look much more natural :D

  13. you are so cute! :3 i like your look, you look so fresh! =)

  14. You look so pretty. I love your makeup.

    P.S. We are having a giveaway over on my blog. I hope you can jump over and enter.

  15. actually i get threading done regularly and have never used any other method of shaping brows. its very common in INDia. lovely blog u've got!! Following you :)