Deck the Hauls: Revlon Loving

After I got back from class, I ate my lunch and rested a bit before heading out to deposit my check as well as check out CVS in hopes of picking up a Revlon scented nail polish.

Turns out that my mom was at the bank too so after I deposited my check, I met her back at CVS to look around. After she finished her purchases there, she gave me the 2 coupons that printed out with her receipt! <3>25% off an entire purchase and one for $5 off Revlon's CustomEyes or CustomMascara. I had to use 'em. ;]

Hence, my little haul --
Revlon scented polish in 325 'Gum Drop' on sale for $3.99
Eucerin Everyday Protection face lotion $10.49
Revlon CustomEyes in 030 'Rich Temptations' for only $2.59 w/coupon! (reg. sale:$7.49)
and more cotton balls $1.99

Total before taxes = $15.84
Savings = $11.92
ExtraBucks gained = $7

Wooo~ love CVS. :]
2 comments on "Deck the Hauls: Revlon Loving"
  1. the eye shadows look really nice! I love purple :D is the scented polish nice? I find it crazy that it could smell nice...I just imagine nail varnish smell xoxo

  2. @Aint That Pretty - They are really nice! I used them today but...I don't have time to review them, but eventually I will. The purple and green combo is lovely though. ^^

    Check out my review on the scented polish! lol yes...a new spin of the nail varnish smell. :P