SUMMER: Viva Las Vegas & Shake Shack (Part 3)

Another road trip that happened this summer was at the beginning of August when my family, MR.MR. and I drove to Las Vegas for my sister's annual basketball tournament. I always remembered Vegas being a fun place as kid where arcades would scream out to your inner child so that you could have a chance to win the big ticket jackpot that could be redeemed for the biggest teddy bear ever! Who knew all of those stuffed animal prizes would have prepared you for slot machines and card game tables. Pai Gao, anyone?

All games aside, one aspect that I really enjoy while visiting the city that never sleeps is how Vegas gives you the Cliff Notes version of some of the world's most popular sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Venice canals, and so much more.

But the highlight of this trip was when we stumbled upon Shake Shack, located right next to New York, New York. I always look forward to eating their cheesy fries and their burgers every time I happen to come across a location, and this time was nothing short of tasty. Now that I look back at this trip, all we did was really eat on this trip. Not complaining though!

We ordered the Smoke Stack, the Shack Burger, the Shack-cago Dog, and of course, cheesy fries, a strawberry shake, and a black and white shake (vanilla + chocolate). Food for days!

New York, New York also has a huge Hershey's Chocolate World for visitors to explore. Every chocolate lovers' dream! Even after that massive lunch of ours, we...may or may not have left this store with a chocholate cupcake. #sorrynotsorry

What are your favorite places to visit in Las Vegas, Nevada?

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5 comments on "SUMMER: Viva Las Vegas & Shake Shack (Part 3)"
  1. Look at those burgers and fries...*drools* There's also always room for chocolate. ;)
    Whenever I'm in Vegas, the buffet is always a must! Aside from food, I enjoying visiting Bellagio's Conservatory. I anticipate how they'll present it. It's always different every time I go!


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