Long Time No See!

Hello! Oh man, I can't believe it's been over a year since I last blogged on here. But if it's any consolation, I'm still alive! (I'm still alive!)

Lately I've been having the itch to blog again but haven't been doing much about it. Questions like "Do I stay here and continue blogging? Or do I start a new?" cross my mind every time I get that inkling to write, but do I anything about it? NOPE. Don't get me wrong. The writing fever has been in me for quite some time, but let's just say that it's just taking me even more time to figure some things out.

I've come to realize that as 2013 is nearing its end, my interests in blogging have shifted over time as I found myself reading real life blogs which have inspired me to take my writing and blogging towards a new direction. A direction that is more personal and intimate; focussing more on real life, real emotions, along with everything that I'm interested in. So while I continue to think of how I want to present my writings again, I feel like I should sort things out and really take some time to reorganize my thoughts so that when I am ready, I'll be back to my blog writings 110%!

We'll see how it goes. But even writing this short, little nothing post makes me super happy after being M.I.A. for so long and I seriously can't wait to start this up again. There's just something about reading and writing that lights my soul within, so I hope to be back, full-fledged and ready to conquer the world very soon, one blog post at a time. 

(And incase any of you didn't know I had a blog over these past recent years, SURPRISE!)
3 comments on "Long Time No See!"
  1. So nice to see you on blog again! There's nothing wrong with taking time out to figure out which new directions life will lead you. It's nice reading something from you, my heart twin!


  2. Welcome back~ keke. Take your time, shinyuu. I'll always be a loyal reader. ;D


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