Hello little ol' blog.

Hello there! Yes, it's me! I posted today on my twitter that I felt like blogging about me today, so here I am. My my my, life has definitely been keeping me busy since my last post. I was quite down in the dumps about that previous "job," but it feels like my life has turned a 360 since then. I'll try and post about this later since it's nearing my bed time (I can never seem to stay up too late these days...), but for this quick update...HELLO! I'm alive and doing very very well.

I started this blog with the intentions of making it a beauty blog, but...truth be told, I haven't purchased a single beauty item since those L'Oreal Infallibles! It feels like so long ago, but I've been SUPER BUSY. I try to catch up on my youtubing in the beauty world from time to time, but I still haven't made time to catch up on my favorite blogs! (see sidebar). My bloggie friends and real life friends have given me gifts starting from the beginning of the year and I still haven't gotten around to posting about them. *guilty*

So what I'm basically leading to is that this blog might not have many beauty products in the mean time due to me not having much time to review and take product pictures like I used to (and due to lack of funds), BUT I still will try to update more often about what I've been up to and...yeah. Basically, this might just turn into a place for me to blog about my day or whatever's on my mind etc. It's all up in the air right now, but I really do like blogging SO I WILL MAKE TIME.

-sigh- I'm still adjusting to this busy schedule of mine, so please bear with me!

Stick around if you'd like, but I'll understand if you won't. No hard feelings. :]
9 comments on "Hello little ol' blog."
  1. SO glad you are doing well :) And glad to see you around here!
    I hope to see more of you around here :D But of course, do what you need to do~

  2. Yayyy you posted! :)
    Whatever direction you're heading with your bloggie, I'll always stick by you!! So don't worry! It's your blog, your say!

  3. it's good to see you're doing well Tiffany!

  4. Welcome back!!  Glad to see you're doing well and your luck has changed!  Hope to see more posts~

    BTW .. I think you mean 180.  If you do a 360 .. you're back in the same direction you started!!  hehehe

  5. I am glad that you are doing well. I look forward to more posts when you are more settled!

  6. Do your thing, Tiffany! I enjoy all kinds of posts from, food, life or whatever is it, it's all good! Thanks for sharing the video. I've never seen these girls before. They're amazing!

  7. it really doesn't matter what topic you blog about as long as it makes you happy & you enjoy it! hope all is well tiff! xx

  8. Hi! Good to know you are doing well. Thanks for the video and looking forward to reading you next blog post.

    Happy Monday!:D

  9. Aww don't worry about blogging often, just keep us informed on your well being from time to time kay? <3