Velvety Smooth Reviva Labs Makeup Primer Review

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 "Your skin will feel unbelievably smooth, like your baby's. And your look...almost flawless. Lines filled in, pore concealed, excess oil controlled." -Reviva Labs

Back in October 2011, I was kindly approached by a representative from Reviva Labs with the opportunity to review one product of my choice. After doing a bit of my own research of their company website, I chose their well sought out makeup primer.

Packaging: A 1 Fl.Oz. glass bottle with a convenient pump at the top. Retails for $19.50.

What's on the bottle: Claims, directions, and the ingredients list.

What's on the bottom: Expiration date. 

According to Reviva, the benefits:

  • Perfects skin by finish the texture.
  • Helps skin instantly look and feel smooth and silky.
  • Helps makeup foundation last longer (safe under eyeshadow, too).
  • And COQ10 adds protective antioxidant action.
  • For any skin type, even oily. You get the oil control you want, along with soft, supple skin.
  • Completely fragrance-free and non-comedogenic (which means it won't cause clogged pores and breakouts).

 Thoughts: Being the first makeup primer to try, I didn't expect too much from this product. I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and dry patches during the winter months. BB cream and my powder foundations both are stable items for me, but when I tried out my newest liquid foundation, I felt like it really put this primer to the test. Like the directions given say, "just a drop on forehead, each cheek, and above the jaw line" does the trick in prepping the entire face for foundation application. The pump is very controlled and I found it very easy to get the right amount out.

With a gel-like consistency, I do feel like this primer feels so light and velvety smooth on the face once rubbed in. I guess that's why it's highly emphasized in their description for you to feel how smooth it makes the face feel.

It spreads evenly and smoothly, coating the skin with a nice, soft finish.

I used my new NARS foundation along with a type of beauty blender sponge. Application was a breeze and I did see it concealing my fine lines as well. When using this during an 8hr. work day, I felt like it did keep my foundation lasting all day long. The redness in my face was definitely concealed, which I was happy about. As for oil control, it lasted me until around lunch time 12-1pm, giving me a good 5-6hrs until my t-zone started to get oily again. And for my skin, it didn't break me out at all.

Nice pump for controlling the amount of dispensing product.
Provides a smooth canvas for foundation application.
Conceals fine lines.
Lasts all day. 
No scent.

Not travel friendly due to glass packaging.
Some oil control, but not enough for my liking.

Would I purchase this again?: I do want to try out different primers since this is my first time trying one, but if all else fails, I know I can always come back to this one. 

If you're looking for a new primer to have your foundation last for a good amount of time, do try this one out! Available here for $19.50.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes only. I do not receive any monetary compensation. All of my reviews are 100% honest, given with my unbiased, personal opinion.

Thanks so much for reading! ♡
28 comments on "Velvety Smooth Reviva Labs Makeup Primer Review"
  1. Sounds like a good basic primer! I like how it has the expiration date on it... makes it feel better for your skin :) Thank you for your review!

  2. thanks for the review!!! what liquid foundation are u trying out?? 

    and omg missed so many of your posts gahhh must catch up XD

  3. This looks like a good primer that worked out well for you. I've never heard of this brand before so I'm glad that you did a review on it.

  4. wow!! this one is a much MUCH better option than the one i've been using at almost $60 bucks a pop i will def order this and try it out!! thanks for the tip hon :)!

  5. Oooo! Thanks for the review :) I have never heard of this brand before. It's a shame about the oil control. I am also big on oil control, so things that don't are usually given a miss for me. xD

  6. thanks for review, i never heard of this product but seems alright (:

    http://maisecrets.blogspot.comCMPang x

  7. I'm a believer in makeup primer but this brand is new to me.  Thanks for the review!

  8. I have never liked makeup primers, and this was the first one I have ever liked! This is the only one I have ever repurchased (I just bought 2 backups last week). I have been using it since August of 2011 and I just finished the bottle!

  9. Good to know that it at least semi-worked.
    I donno, everyone keeps on pushing all sorts of primers - primers for eyeshadow, primers for foundation, primer for eyelashes, primer for lipstick.
    It's an extra step, I'm lazy and I find that none of these primer things make THAT much difference xD

  10. This sounds promising! I'm so used to using Asian base products that don't primers... so I'm kinda accustomed to being lazy on that side these days hahah. I can't go without SPF though!

  11. Pretty header!  Is this brand sold at Whole Foods?  Looks familiar.  I love that it's paraben-free!  :)

  12. Yes! I think so too. The little expiration sticker puts more value into the product for the skin's sake. You're welcome!!

  13. You're welcome! ^^ I'm trying out NARS Sheer Matte. It's not bad~ I actually bought the full sized...though I'm still working on the little sample. Can I really justify the price of this? :3

    Heh. Take your time. Glad to have you back! Senkuu~ ^^

  14. It worked out well for the most part. Wish it had a little more oil control, but I can live with a little shine. heh. Glad you enjoyed reading it!

  15. Oh man! $60 is a lot for a primer that you use everyday! >< This one would def. be a good, cheaper option. You're welcome!!

  16. You're welcome! ^^ Aww~ I know. Darn that shine!! -sigh-

  17. You're welcome! Yes~ it's an overall good primer indeed. :]

  18. Hope you'll give this one a try. You're welcome!

  19. Ah~ so you've tried it too! Yay!! Glad you like it lots~ and it's for a reasonable enough price to be stocked up on too. 

  20. LOL. You lazy girl. XD Eye shadows definitely work for me as I have a tiny almost non-existent crease. And as for foundation primers, I use it as a "barrier" so that my skin doesn't directly come into contact with the foundation (or I just make myself believe that it doesn't...XD)

  21. It is! Heh heh. Sometimes I get lazy too and "forget" to apply it...but I try to remember so that it helps create a "barrier" from my foundation. Not sure if it works 100% in doing so...but I like to tell myself that it does. XD Yes! And you shouldn't go w/o SPF! 

  22. Thank you!! :] I'm not sure...maybe? Yes! It's great for the skin. :D

  23. This sounds like brilliant stuff. Thanks for the review x

  24. OO i want to try this too.
    You should really try DHC velvet skin coat. I swear by that product. It's the holy grail of all primers.
    I got mama d and carol hooked on it too. MD calls it "face cement" lmaooo :)

  25. HAHA!'s def. on my list of things to try! XD