Feature: Fashion It + A Surprise :]

Hello. :] Thank you guys again for all your kind words. It has been a bit hard these past few days, but as you will see by the end of this post, there's something special that has been easing the pain ever so delicately. ♥

I wanted to share with you guys two tops that I ordered from Forever 21 since they had free shipping for the Labor Day holiday *yay*. It was my second time ordering online from F21, and their shipping speed is awesome. I ordered on 09/05 and it came yesterday, 09/08. I was super excited for some online retail therapy. :D

Striped Knit Sweater: $17.80 - Still available here
I've been looking at various fashion blogs lately, and I saw this sweater paired with brown/tan skirt and it looked so cute! It's a bit of a crop sweater, but for me and my not-so-long torso, it lays just fine. The detail that I really loved though were the elbow pads. :]

Striped Lace Back Knit: $10.80 - Not on the site any more :3
I got this one as well since I figured I'd make the free shipping even more worth it. It's just a simple quarter puff/scrunched sleeve top with a black lace detail on the back. Simple, but I love the mini stripes and the detailing.

H&M dress - $9.99
My cousins' cousin is getting married in November so, I've been kind of/sort of looking for a new dress. I didn't want to spend too much on one since I'd most likely only wear it a few times, so when I saw this one on sale at H&M, I had to try it on. It's soo pretty! I love the ruffles and the colors. As for shoes, I'm most likely just going to wear silver wedges with a cork heel (borrowing from my mom). Can't wait. :D

And to end this short post...

Meet Aya (彩). Our new baby kitten girl. I know, it must seem crazy to have another kitten so soon...but it's my mom's way of coping with a loss pet, as their spirit still lives on. She's super tiny and adorable and such a fluff ball of energy. All I've been doing is playing with her, making sure she poops in the litter, carrying her to sleep, and then repeating. lol. We all still miss Niles dearly =[ but Aya has embodied her brother Nile's spirit, letting us know that everything will be alright. ^^

Have a great weekend! :] Welcome all new followers too! ♡

BTW, check out this song by Aziatix. Quite catchy...and I heart Eddie's voice here. ^^
12 comments on "Feature: Fashion It + A Surprise :]"
  1. Aww, she's so cute!  Hope to meet her soon, hehe. ^^  Also, love your purchases!  I think I saw that sweater in store...super cute!  Can't wait to see an OOTD with it. :D

  2. OMG~ Aya is sooo adorable!
    I am sure she will be loved greatly :)
    Those tops are also really cute :D

  3. I love all of your clothes! I really like the dress too. It's super pretty!

    Awwww Aya is so adorable! I'm glad that she's there to help ease your family throughthe  grieving process of the passing of Niles.

  4. Nice haul. The dress is cute and the kitten is so adorable!!! 

  5. I really like that striped knit sweater~~

  6. Thank you!! I'm so excited to wear the dress this November. :]

    Yes, she is. <3 

  7. She definitely is. ^^

    Thank you! <3

  8. Yes~ come meet her soon while she's still tiny. XD
    Thanksss!! I'll have to find something pair it with...heh heh. Shopping!