Travel Make-up + FOTD: On the road again~

Hello! Missed this place! Finally back for the week, but will be heading out of town for the weekend. Can anyone guess where I'll be going? Think bright lights at night and extreme heat waves all day long. Kind of looking forward to it though. Mini getaway/pre-party? Definitely going to have to lather up in SPF and keep hydrated. Ahh.

In such extreme heat, minimal make-up/waterproof make-up is essential. Raccoon eyes? NO THANKS! Here's what I will be taking in my make-up bag for the trip:

Eyes: UD Naked palette. All the light/dark neutrals I'll need.
GOSH "BLACK INK" waterproof velvet pencil eyeliner (from swap w/Vicky)
Physicians Formula "Ultra Black" Eye Booster Liquid Eyeliner. Staying power is great!
ULTA highlighting wand stick for the inner corners.

Face: Skin79 Triple Function BB Cream SPF 25
Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda concealer palette
Maybelline DREAM MATTE powder in Sand. (Haven't shown you guys this one yet, but loving it so far!)
NYC Matte Bronzer in "Sunny" (Haven't show this one as well...but I like it a lot too!)
Physician's Formula "Natural" Happy Booster Blush
Oil blotting sheets encased in pink

Lips: Sleek "Electro Peach" POUT POLISH SPF 15 (from swap w/Vicky)

My favorite go-to gloss:

Love this stuff! Highly pigmented for a gloss + lip conditioner. Perfect for a quick flush of color on the lips and I'm good to go!

Brows: Lioele Auto-Eyebrow in gray black

Not pictured but still bringing: UDPP (a must!) and I'll probably bring my Smashbox limitless liner in "Orchid" (purple)

AND, this morning I used all the products as they are my go-to favs for everyday.

If you guys are familiar with JewelMint, you'll recognized the necklace I'm wearing! Hopefully will post a video and/or post about my two pieces that I've recently received. :]

One last thing as I wrap this post up. (Skip if you'd like.) Went to Japanese class today and a fellow classmate brought a Japanese girl whom her family is hosting at their home during her stay here. She was super kawaii! And tiny...and her skin was so nice. *jealous* lol. She was so enthusiastic and happy and smiley. Definitely a different feel from the people here in the states. I mean, we're all nice people, but we generally don't show our happiness/expressiveness as much, which I think is a pity. ANYWAYS, she was super adorable and she loves 2PM+2AM since she's studying in Korea and I think she's teaching there too? Or wants to? I forgot, but yes. ^^ When class was over (owarimasu~), the classmate asked if I could take a picture of her, some other classmates, and the Japanese girl. After, the Japanese girl asked me to take a picture with her...and though I felt awkward, but didn't want to say no...I did. lol. Now I she has a picture of me on her phone, though I don't really remember her name and she has no Idea what my name is. XD

So yes, it's been a good day. :D

Here's a list of things to do this weekend:
TRY to relax.
Finish up my sakubun.
Work on the skits in preparation for the oral exam next week.
Study for the final.
Do the homework (shukudai)
Finally catch up on "PROTECT THE BOSS" (kdrama). ♡♡ The pics and gifs are soo teasing! lol.

Especially because of this namja... ultimate bias in the fangirl world. :P ♥
Umm...explanation will come later....:3

Alrighty, post is gettin' pretty lengthy. Will end this with a special appearance:

Will be back on Sunday so no posts til then/after Sunday! =[

And let me know what some of your essentials for travel make-up are. ^^
24 comments on "Travel Make-up + FOTD: On the road again~"
  1. wahhh your naked palette is so clean LOL mines all dirty because i use it so much. the velvet attracts so much dust >.< the sleek gloss is super pretty! 

    yayyy your a kdrama freak like meeee ^o^

  2. have fun in your getaway trip! i took jap classes in college too and yeah japanese are the most energetic and happy people.

  3. Pout polish looks so pretty on your lips~ And I love that necklace!

  4. Japanese class sounds really fun!!
    and you never have to explain your love for Jaejoong, we already understand ^^

  5. Love the lip colour! I'm seriously dying to pick up a Naked Palette for myself but I can't get myself to reason with a $60 purchase :(

  6. I will definitely have to pick up this NYC bronzer one day!

  7. Wow! The naked palette and the NYC are products that has been on my shopping list for the longest time.

    Thanks for sharing..

  8. Great picks. I want to try the Sleek pout polishes! And the naked palette as well xD

  9. Hope this doesn't come off as me being rude but I would love  to see you do a difference make up look. They all really do look the same and only thing really noticeable is your eyeliner. 

    I'll definitely have to check out that kdrama. Haha such a cute story about the japanese girl from your class.

  10. its so funny. i just did a post on my  travel makeup and we both use the naked palette. its the best thing ever! xx

  11. i love your jewelmint necklace!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing your travel makeup basics!:D Electro Peach is a yummy shade, I want to try it.;D

    ***** Marie ******

  13. You're welcome! :D If you can get your hands on it, I'd definitely recommend it! 

  14. WOOT WOOT! Definitely a staple in any one's make-up collection. :D And it's perfect for travel~!

  15. Yeahhh...I haven't been experimenting/playing much just because I've been so busy, but hopefully I'll be able to play around with everything a little more now that I have a lot more time.

    Heh yeah~ she was super kawaii.

  16. Hehe, get NAKED! *nudge-nudge* 

  17. Get the bronzer! It's only around $3 and it works well. ^^

  18. You should! Only $3! Can't go wrong with that. :D

  19. Awww~ $60? At Sephora it's around $48...

  20. It was fun. I'm done now though. ^^
    LOL. So you know who that is. kekekeke <3

  21. I had a lot of fun! It was so nice to get away from a while. ^^ THEY ARE! So endearing. heh heh

  22. LOL. I guess I don't use it as...much? XD I do want to play with it more though!! I love the gloss~ so simple yet pigmented and glossy. ^^

    YAYYYY! I actually haven't started PTB...but I will soon since I have a lot of free time! Wheeee~!