Feature: Tips on Throwing Away Old Make-up

Hello! Hope all of you had a great day. My exam ended up being not as bad, but I did wake up this morning at 4am to study. :3 Hopefully I did alright. Oh well. For summer classes, Thursdays are like Fridays so, no class tomorrow! Yay!

Ok, so I didn't end up working on the review I wanted to post but, instead while I was going through my daily emails, I found a very interesting feature on Chictopia. If you guys haven't heard of Chictopia, it's an online "fashion" and "style" site where users submit their high quality outfit pictures for viewer ratings. It's just a fun site to browse. I like getting ideas from it. ^^

Anyways~ the email included a very informative feature on "5 Reasons to Throw Away Make-Up." I personally haven't started using and collecting make-up for very long, but I found this article to be super informative and I wanted to share it will all of my readers. ^^


Here are just some of one specs that stood out to me for those make-up products that don't have an expiration date printed:

Shelf life:
- Powder: 2 years.
- Foundation: 6 months
- Pencil Eyeliner: 2 years (remember to sharpen every so often!).
- Gel/Liquid Eyeliner: 3 months
- Mascara: 3 months
- Lipstick/gloss: 2 years

I know we're all guilty of keeping things for long periods of time because the feeling of throwing something away that might have had quite a hefty price is hard to bare. BUT, if it comes to skincare and health, then I think we all should educate ourselves further and take precaution to the make-up we use on our face without having the risk of future infections or skin problems. Make-up is fun!...but we still must be cautious on what make-up we use and how it reacts to our skin. Even if a certain item costs $50, in the end it's really not worth it.

So, even though I'm not the greatest at keeping track of stuff, I will definitely be keeping tabs on all my make-up products and have that liberty of tossing it away. I mean...doesn't that give a great excuse to go out and buy something new out on the market? XD Make-up is endless! And, it will forever be in demand (or at least until technology catches up to the make-up world).

Here's the link to the rest of the feature: 5 REASONS TO THROW AWAY YOUR OLD MAKE-UP

Thanks for reading!!

Have a lovely evening/day!
I'll most definitely be working on that review tomorrow. ^^

(Oh yeah, any one gonna get anything from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale that starts for all of us non-cardholders tomorrow?? I'm eyeing one of the lippie sets from MAC - possibly "Real Drama" or "It's A Girl" and the nail polish set from Le Meticier. dkfjlskj. We'll see. Damn them!)
15 comments on "Feature: Tips on Throwing Away Old Make-up"
  1. I got the same email and I read it :( I'm guilty. I don't even want to post about it coz I can't follow it haha...But I do have to let go some of my old makeup :(

  2. Thanks for sharing this Tiff! It's a very informative post. Won't throw away old makeup because I collect them for their pretty packaging though. :p LOL!

  3. Great article although I'm guilty of holding onto my makeup. I feel that as long as I'm keeping it and my brushes clean, it should be okay. I also sanitize them from time to time. I've been using makeup for a long time now and haven't run into any problems (knock on wood) so I think I'm okay. Just make sure to use common sense.

  4. I regularly go through old stuff and throw them away. The problem is, some I haven't even scraped the surface! Note to self: Do not hoard. haha.

  5. Yeah, that's very true~ make-up does cost a lot and as long as we know when to stop using a certain product if it does end up turning "old", we should be fine. ^^

  6. You're welcome! :D LOL, I think I'd do that too...but I have yet to have any make-up product with pretty packaging. :P

  7. LOL. I actually let go of two tube glosses today...they were pretty gross. OH well, as long as we keep our make-up in good quality. ^^

  8. thanks for the tips love and you look super cute in the last picture!

  9. You're welcome! <3 haha thanks. ;] 

  10. Thanks for the advice. I hate to throw away things :( I will just try to finish them before their time is over!

    Although I like DISQUS, it is hard sometimes because a lot of people who leave comments dont have a disqus profile so you can't track them back to their blog.

  11. Haha yes! That's a good goal. :D Makes room for new products to be tried. ^^

    Aww, yeah...I know what you mean. =/ 

  12. I read that article, too! But I'm also guilty of keeping old make up. I'm a true minimalist and hardly use my make up, so it hurts to throw away a nearly full product :(

  13. Haha, same here. So...I think we're doing just fine. ^^