Life: Weekend Getaway!

Hello lovelies! Skipped a few days of blogging, but I'm back! Took a quick vacay to the California coast for my sister's basketball tournament (hence why I couldn't make it to IMATS this year TT_TT) This tournament is pretty exclusive since teams have to be invited to play and be part of their "family." The family that hosts this tournament own a farm. A LEGIT FARM that grows such veggies as daikon and napa cabbage. Every year during this tournament, they cook up a storm for all the participants and their families. LEGIT BBQ and all the goodness of a home cooked meal. :D SO LEGIT!

It was a quick trip, but before we headed back home, my mom decided she wanted to go check out Morro Bay since we've always just stuck around Pismo Beach every time we visit. It's so pretty there! And yay for free parking! We thought there was going to be a beach area, but it literally was just a "bay." (boo) The weather was so beautiful today though. *happy*

Here are some pics from our little trip:
Morro Bay - literally just a "bay".

Known for that...big rock in the back. lol.


I've been eating non-stop eating since Friday night. (STACKED burger was AWESOME too!) Feels so good to be back home though! Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend! Seems like I have a lot to catch up on again. ^^

Until my next post, じゃね〜!
9 comments on "Life: Weekend Getaway!"
  1. Yay, you're back! I hope everything went well with your finals. Must be nice to take a vacation :)

  2. your trip looked super fun!! I love your sunnies they're so cute on you!!

  3. your getaway is so amazing! you make me want to hit the beach this weekend.

  4. Lovely pics~ Looks like you had heaps of fun :D

    I like how long and silky your hair looks babe!

  5. This post makes me wanna run away for vacation!

  6. Nice photos of the bay, funny how there's a giant rock island! Which part of Cali is Morro Bay located? I haven't been to it before :)

  7. :D thanks for entering my give away!! :) aww you remember!

  8. YAY for the Cali coast! Looks like you had a ton of fun!

  9. @EveryDay Makeup blog - YES I AM! And it feels great to be back. FInals actually went really well. :D I think we all need a little vacation here and there. Hopefully you can take one soon too. ^^

    @Lisa - Thank you!! The trip was a lot of fun. A nice, quick getaway from the norms. ;] Aw, thanks! I think I may do a post or video on accessories...hehe.

    @Fruity Lashes - Dude, go to the beach! :D I...ironically...didn't go to the beach while on my little vacay. Boo.

    @Pop Blush - It was a lot of fun. ^^ Aw, thank you! I'm actually trying to take care of it more since it is on the thin side. -sigh-

    @Aki No Yuutsu - GO! GO VACAY! :]

    @Karen - I know, right? So random. lol. It's more towards central California, but heading up towards NorCal along the coast. :] It's actually a cute place to visit. I'd recommend it!

    @Aint That Pretty...- I do! hehe. You're welcome!

    @Rainy Days and Lattes - WOOO CALI! I did. :]