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Hello! Hope all of you are having a wonderful day. The weather's been warming up here in SoCal pretty nicely. (Yay summer!) It hasn't been TOO hot yet, so hopefully it'll continue to be like this. *crosses fingers* I can finally bust out my sandals and shorts, too! Yee!

Ok, so on to a LONG over due post on my blog! I've been slowly getting back into beauty care, so I recently ordered two items for Pretty & Cute. I've read so many good things about the Asian brands and beauty products they sell so ever since I heard about this online store, I've been itching to make my first order! and I finally have and am super happy. And, just in time for me to get back into the habit of blogging! ^^

Shipping was speedy and efficient. I place my order on June 19 (Sunday) and it arrived today, June 22. I love that P&C uses USPS as well, making shipping costs super cheap (I paid $2.35). Their main store is based in Portland, Oregon and I'm from the LA area in California, so I was very pleased with their shipping. This store is definitely catered to the US, but the do ship internationally as well.

So, after looking at their web store and browsing through all of their products and "Oo-ing and aw-ing" at all of its prettiness, I settled and ordered two Lioele products (I originally wanted to try the Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Dot liner01, but it was sold out once I decided to place my order. BOO. I'll save that one for next time...):

Lioele Real Water Proof Eyeliner in black ($12.60) & Lioele Artist Auto Eyebrow in gray black ($14.00)

Black eye-liner is a staple item that I seriously CANNOT live without. I've been wanted to try new types of liners since I always tend to experience smudging throughout the day due to my oily lides SO, I was excited to find this product and try it out for myself. I've swatched it on my hand and compared it to my first and long time eye liner from Physicians formula and OH MY GOODNESS, there's such a huge difference! Can't wait to write a review on this one because I'm already loving it. :D

As for the eyebrow pencil, it's my first. :3 Yes, eyebrows have never been a focus of mine until recently (when I first got them threaded). I never have owned a brown pencil before so, I saw this from one of Jen's frmheadtotoe videos and I decided to try it out for myself. I'm super excited to try this out too, as I opened it up and immediately tried it on my brows. Hoping to write another review on this one as well!

Ok, so we all love freebies/samples, right? With every order, one is allowed to choose a sample of either a BB cream, sunscreen, or various other types of products. I chose the Lioele 3D Skin Fix foundation (the little black/pink pouch pictured above) and it came in the color "Pure Ivory," so I'll be looking forward to trying that out too~

P&C is also having a freebie promo right now. For every $20 you spend, you receive a pair of P&C glamour lashes. It's definitely a nice treat. :]

I'm liking the ones that I received. Very natural looking. Can't wait to try them out! (And perfect since my mom stole the lashes I got from bornpretty -_-)

My total came out to be $26.60 before shipping. Then, I used a code for 10% all Lioele products (lovelioele) which basically took off the shipping charge. So, my final check out total was $26.23.

All in all, I'm very pleased and happy with the efficiency of their store. Have any of you placed orders at P&C? What are some products you've bought and tried and are liking/disliking? I'd love to hear! Though...that may make me want to make another order sooner than I had planned. heh heh.

Thanks for reading!


Random: Put on a full face of make-up today when going to see the movie "Bridesmaids" with a friend this morning. Go figure that I'd get carded. LOL. Really now? JK...I'm taking it as a compliment. :3
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  1. Love the lashes you got lady! I am a big fan of falsies and agree that these ones are very natural looking.


  2. I saw those Liole pdts from Jen's vids too! And I've always wanted to buy some since. Hihi nice stuff dear! :)

  3. Great haul! =)


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  4. @Aki No Yuutsu - IKR! The little Cinderella carriage is adorable.

    @Christina - Thanks! YES! Gotta love that natural look~

    @Aya - Haha. She's quite the seller. ;] Thanks, dear!

    @D.Sadie - Thank you!

  5. its good to have you back dear! been hearing good things about the liole eyeliner. :) i think i should try it too.

  6. wb to blogworld! haha

    i'm not too into asian branded makeup, but i have a ton of asian lashes from china! that i dont know how to put on. i find it so difficult!

  7. i don't mind getting carded at all....hehe. do review on those liole.