Review: Japanese Bath Salt

Hi guys! I had the day off today since it's finals week (dun dun dun) but instead of working on all the posts I've been meaning to do, I pretty much spent the whole day sleeping due to my crazy packed weekend. lol. I always tend to need a day's break (or more) to recover from things.

Anyways, on to my review! I purchased this two weeks ago at the Nijiya Japanese market near my work and used it a little while back, but never go around to posting this. I was browsing the aisle with all the beauty products and saw these at the front of the aisle in a little basket. ^^

Price: On sale @ Nijiya for 99 cents! Can't beat that! -- 10/10

Packaging: 9/10
They had various pictures on each of the bath salts. I thought this one was cute. :] And, it's an easy-to-tear pouch for easy use even though the bag was a little flimsy.

Isn't it cute? ^^

What's inside?: When first opening, I could see the brilliant blue specks of bath salt and I could already smell the goodness of it (which I was so surprised of too! The smell was lovely <3).>
And when I poured it out onto a tissue to show the color, it was so pretty!

The water became my tiny, fantasy lagoon. heh heh. The smell was lovely too.

In the end:
The good:
  • I enjoyed this bath salt very much..and it was only 99 cents! I should've gotten more.
  • The smell lingered on for a while on my skin. :]
The not so good:
  • Nothing really. I had very low expectations of this product but, everything ending up exceeding them!

Would I recommend this to a friend?: For sure! Only 99 cents. I think we all deserve a little bath time here and there. ^^ Why not treat ourselves? ^^

OVERALL: 9.5/10 - Good things do sometimes come in small packages. :D

THANKS FOR READING! And welcome new followers. ♥
9 comments on "Review: Japanese Bath Salt"
  1. Nice! I'll have to stop by the Nijiya Market to see if they have them at my location. I live in the Bay Area, and Nigiya is just mins from my place :) hehe I love the blue in your water! It looks like the ocean :D

  2. I need one of these moments to relax whenever I have time haha!

  3. Ooh, I love bath salts.. Glad you like this one. I haven't tried this brand before! :)

    Oh, sorry to hear that the Biore scrub didn't work for you. I hope the Blue foaming wash is good for me :)

  4. You had me at fantasy blue lagoon~

    I want it D<

  5. @Rainy Days and Lattes - You should definitely check these out. They have a variety of little packets so, hopefully your Nijiya carries them! :] I know! I was so surprised how blue it made the water look. ^^

    @Riya~ - YES! YOU DO! ^^ We all need some R&R sometimes.

    @♥PopBlush♥ - If you see this one, try it! I haven't taken a real bath in ages, so this was a nice change. :]
    Ah,'s ok. Hopefully you'll like your blue foaming wash!

    @Mie - Hehe. If I find these again, I'll get some for a giveaway or something. :]

  6. I've never tried any bath salts but this looks awesome & for such a great price! I love your reviews. They're really detailed & helpful.

  7. @Dinorah ♥ Ah, you should try some! They're actually kinda nice. :] Aw, thank you~ I'll try to post more soon. ^^

  8. That bath water looks so awesome! I love how blue it is!

  9. @Kenzie - Dude, it was awesome. :D