NOTD: 'Midori'

Finished my first final this morning! It was quite a challenge waking up at 5:30am hoping to leave by 6:30am to get there for the 8am exam, but I made it. ^^ Now I have to work on a paper, an annotated bibliography, and then a group presentation for Friday. Spring Break smells soo sweet right now. :3

So, last night while I was studying "hard", I decided to change my nails again since "Austin-tatious Turquiose" really wasn't cutting it for me. Instead, I went with one of my favorites:

Zoya's Midori

Description from Zoya site: Zoya Nail Polish in Midori can be best described as: Glowing medium apple green with yellow undertones and strong gold shimmer. A cocktail-green for a night out with the girls.

My thoughts: I think this color really matches me well and it's great for St. Patrick's Day! Green polishes have been the trend for March and this upcoming holiday, and I think Midori's a good color with the green w/gold shimmer (kinda reminds me of the gold coins everyone would love to find at the end of a rainbow~ hehe)

I actually haven't used this one in a while. I got it back in 2009 when Zoya had their 'free 3 polish' promotion and picked this one after seeing it one someone else's nails. I'm still kinda bummed that I didn't take advantage of the same promo last year, but it's all good. :]

Overall: 10/10
Zoya's polishes are definitely unique with a vary wide variety of colors~ if you haven't tried a Zoya polish yet, I think you're missing out. ^^

8 comments on "NOTD: 'Midori'"
  1. This is actually a nice color greeen~~~
    hate to spam your post, but have you seen this?

    flyer on details

    its tomorrow

  2. @Mie - It is~ ^^

    Ooh, I haven't! This actually looks like a lot of fun...but it's my finals week and I doubt I'll be done with everything I have due on Thursday. =[ Thank you for sharing with me though. Are you going?

  3. I might! It looks like a lot of fun, and something my readers might be interested in hearing about. Plus a goodie bag full of make up! gotta see if its worth it haha

  4. @Mie - You should go if you can! I am curious and would love reading about it. :]

  5. Thanks Hun!

    This color looks Similar to zoya tangy, cute blog btw :)

  6. @Tara - You're welcome! <3 I just looked up "Tangy" and it is really similar! Aw, thank you dear. Your blog's cute as well. ^^

  7. Lovely color, Tiffany! You're right, super perfect for this month! I love the hint of gold too.

  8. @Dinorah ♥ - Thanks, dear! YUP! It was either this one or "Sew Psyched" from Essie. This one's more festive. :D