Deck the Hauls: like it like it c'mon

Hello! I see that I have my first follower!! Yay! Hi Linda. Thank you so much for following and I hope you enjoy reading my posts. <3

This week's been starting out pretty well. I've been spending here and there (need to calm my debit but the sales have been so good at the local drug stores! All thanks to nouveaucheap, I've been going to a drug store each day. :P

From yesterday @ Walgreens:
Ponds products were BOGO Free! So I got 2 Wet Cleansing Towelettes ("gave" one to my mom -_-) and Maybelline products are all 40%! Picked up a COLORsensational 005 PINK SAND.

I also got a general $1 coupon on my next purchase. Woot. I never go to Walgreens since CVS is just down the hill...but I think I'll continue to make trips here as long as the sales are good!

At first I thought it was a bit too shimmery for my lips, but after a few minutes (lol) I really started to like it. :D

Today @ CVS:

Conair brush: 75% off! so it ended up being $2.49 (reg. $9.99)
Cover Girl Last Exact: looking forward to trying this one out. :] $5.79 (reg $8.89)
Physician's Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Last Boosting Eyeliner + Serum $10.99

I'm so excited about the Physician's Formula eyeliner! It was such a great deal too since on the box, it had a little rebate sticker saying "TRY ME FOR FREE", meaning you can get a full rebate for it. AND, CVS gave $7.00 in extra car bucks so...ding ding ding DEAL OF THE DAY. :]

According to the box:
  1. After 4 weeks, 86% of women saw more lashes.
  2. Instantly & Visibly Boosts: Lash Length, Lash Volume, Lash Thickness
  3. 24hr. wear!
And for my extra liking, it's made in Japan! I've been looking into different liquid eyeliners from brands such as Dolly Wink or the fiber wig types...but I'll see how this one works out. :D

I also did a bit of shopping today on my commute back from school (50mil drive every day..) so I stopped by forever 21 since I still had some money on my gift card.

Stripped cardigan: $4.99 (reg. $19.80)
Brown print cardigan sweater: $8.99 (reg. $27.80)

Gomen! Excuse my messy room. :X

(L-R) - $3.80, $1.50, $4.80

I was trying so hard to stay away from the stud earrings since I have so many...but these were so freaking cute, I couldn't pass them up!! But I have to admit, the tiny bows were the ones that had me sold. <3

Here's some other random pics:
My friend said she had a whole bunch of Bath and Body Works giftcards so she had me pick a triple moisture body cream. Loving this scent! It's not too strong either. :]

My attempt at lace braiding...^^'

Alrighty, that's all for now. Time to...prepare myself for class tomorrow. -sigh-
Until next time, じゃね〜!!☺♡
6 comments on "Deck the Hauls: like it like it c'mon"
  1. Love picking up accessories from F21! You can get so much for so little money. They may not be the highest quality, but they definitely last you that season (like the trend.)

    Great post. :)

  2. @porschelights Me too! But yes, not the best quality, but good enough for everyday wear. :] Trendy is trendy.

    Thank you so much! <3

  3. @porschelights Me too! But yes, not the best quality, but good enough for everyday wear. :] Trendy is trendy.

    Thank you so much! <3