Feature: Goodies from Dinorah's Giveaway

This post is definitely LONG over due, so here are the pictures from the giveaway I won!! :D

Dinorah has been such a sweet heart with emailing me and about when she would send the goodies and it arrived just as she had mentioned last Friday. My mom handed me the box saying her usual "You shop-a-holic!" but I told her I had won these...I probably shouldn't have since she was so jealous of all the lovely things that came in this box! She was about to steal all my goods! lol

Dinorah's pink tissue wrapping was WAY more neat and pretty when I first opened it..but I tried to make it decently presentable. hehe

My winnings from her awesome giveaway:
  • Wet'N Wild Palettes in "Lust" & "Greed"
  • Wet'N Wild Color Icon Trio in "Sweet as Candy"
  • L.A. Colors pink lipgloss in "Pink Pearl"
  • Lovely gold/coral pair of earrings and a gorgeous flower ring.
  • And as an added bonus! Her favorite L.A. Colors 4 shadow palette (as she had mentioned in her card. ^^)

Thank you so much again, Dinorah! I can't wait to use all of the goodies you've sent me! Oh, and I have a little something for you, too! But, I'm swamped with finals so it probably won't go out into the mail 'til next week. ^^

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5 comments on "Feature: Goodies from Dinorah's Giveaway"
  1. You're so sweet! Yayy!! I'm glad you got everything okay. Lol awww your mom's so cute!!

  2. Haha congrats everything looks fab!!!

  3. @Dinorah ♥ - Will let you know when I send it out! mom...she crazy. :P

    @Mie - Thank you! :D

  4. I love the vintage card looking thing! :P

  5. @Jenni It is cute, isn't it. ^^